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If you are a teenager but you are eager to have your own car and drive around the city, then you must remember some things that a young car driver should do or don't do. First, as a young car driver it is better for you to drive below the average speed limit because you reflexes are not fully formed and you cannot handle your car as an experienced driver. This way you will avoid getting into accidents that have at their base your lack of attention.

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Secondly, as a young car driver you must get to know your car, to see what it can or it can't do. Also try to get a car that has airbags, lots of them, as a young car driver you will be more exposed to have small accidents than a normal driver.

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A young car driver will always get excited about the driving but this is the worst thing you could ever do, because this way you will not paying too much attention at the actual driving, putting you and every other driver at risk. So remember, pay attention when you are actually driving.

When you are a young car driver, everything will look easy for you, for example knowing the road signs, but before you actually start to drive like any other regular driver, you should get to know the real signs that will put you in real driving situations. Learning from a book is one thing, getting to know what to do when you meet the road signs is another.

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The responsibilities of a young car driver are somewhat higher than the ones of an experienced driver. For example, if you decide to take someone along with you, then your attention might be disturbed by those persons and it is at the highest importance that you learn to control yourself, and not get carried away because even if you don't care about yourself, then try to think about the other occupants of your car.

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Also, even though you might think it isn't cool, you should wear your seatbelt at all times, the seatbelt can save lives. And that goes for your buddies to, don't let them fool you that thy trust in your driving, refuse them if they don't want to wear the seatbelts. A thing that not many people realize is that the airbags don't function if you are not wearing your seatbelt. So leave the coolness behind, fasten your seatbelt.

When you get your car, you must put a little more money aside, because car insurance companies charge more for young drivers. This is because in their opinion, young drivers cause more accidents than experienced ones, so don't be surprised if your car insurance costs more than you have expected.
These things will help you through your early days as a young car driver. Remember to pay extra attention when you are driving and be as careful as you can because the excitement of having a car could get you in trouble.

By Toma Mircea, published at 03/26/2012
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