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the Best Drivers Car Racing Has Seen


Choosing race car drivers for a list is not an easy job. This kind of list and favoritism can create a lot of controversies, especially if you are a racing fan and you do not see your favorite driver make the list. Race fans are a wild bunch of people that can go really crazy. Drivers’ cars are making of a thrilling sport but just like in any field of sports and games, there are some players that go down in history as legends. Sadly in this case most “legends in the making” die in tragic accidents before they could rise to fame. Some champions even met their death on the tracks. It is not about who is driving the fastest car, It is all about the drivers car skills.


Ayrton Senna da Silva is a name that is recognized in the field or “tracks” of car racing and was the greatest race car driver ever. Three time world champion tragically died on the tracks while participating in the 1994 season. The Brazilian race car driver began his career in carting and then moved up to open-wheel racing. He was best known for his aggressive driving skills. Senna would openly pull car stunts that no sane racing driver would ever try on the track during a race. The driver’s car skills were truly appreciable and helped up the record from 1989 until 2006 for the most pole positions. It is only imaginable what the driver could have achieved in his career if not cut short.


Lewis Hamilton is another legendary driver. The driver’s car and car racing skills where truly spectacle and are thought to be so, even today. The British McLaren team racer is considered to be born for the tracks and proved his talent to the world over the years. Hamilton was only ten when he came up to principal of team McLaren and said “I want to race for you one day” and at the age of thirteen they signed him up for the Young drivers support program. Hamilton is also the youngest driver ever to secure a contract which resulted into a F1 drive. In 2007, making his debut on the F1 tracks Hamilton set numerous track records and finished second in the Formula one Championship.

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Mario Andretti is one of the only two drivers to win races in all tournaments including World Sports car Championship, Formula 1 and NASCAR. He was thrice named Driver of the Year in the U.S during 1960-1980, once in every decade. Although, moving from one kind of racing to another is not easy but Mario proved himself to be one of the best all round drivers in the world. The driver’s car was truly an extension of his body and has set the bar pretty high for future generations. One last driver that deserves to be on this list is A.J. Foyt. Foyt drove in the Indy 500 for 35 consecutive years and won four times. His list of achievements in racing is endless, including being the only man to win races in cars with engines in front and in the rear.

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