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Where To Purchase Cartridge Drives


Cartridge drives are defined in the dictionary as disk drives used for disk cartridges or tape transport used for cartridge tapes. Many years ago, the cartridge drives were hard disk platters protected by a plastic shell. The moment when the removable cartridges were inserted in the drives, the read and write tops of the drives were able to access the storage surface of the platters thru the wholes created in the protective shell. Cartridge drives were directly descended from disk pack drives or as they were known in the beginning, hard drives. In time, the storage capacity improved and 1 platter was able to store a huge amount of data. The benefit of the improvement was that it became much easier to handle compared to removable disk packs.

Modern storage devices

Nowadays, the disk storage devices are commonly known as cartridge drives. For example, zip disks are generally referred to as cartridge drives. Many types of magnetic-optical devices or optical discs were enclosed in a protective plastic case. Others were just placed in a protective shell before they were inserted in the drive. These protective cases were commonly known as cartridge drives or simply called caddies.

About DVD-RAM drives

In time, technology evolved and better cartridge drives were designed. For example, the DVD-Ram drives are very popular nowadays because they can help you archive files and folder, offering the following advantages and features:

- they have a long life and the disc comes with a protective cartridge;

- you have fast access to all your archived data for reading and writing;

- a large number of rewrites is possible;

- the verification of the written data is made by the hardware and you don’t need additional software applications;

- there’s no need for DVD-RAM discs finalization;

- the disc defect management features help safeguard your data.

Who designs cartridge drives

The technology evolved in the past years progressively and better products are put on the market every day. There are a lot of manufacturers that design quality drives because the competition is strong. Brands like LG, IBM, DELL, HP and many more fight for the leading position in technology products. It would be hard to say which of these brands is the best or which has the lowest priced drives because all of them offer quality at reasonable prices. Choosing a product is a matter of individual taste.

If you want to buy a specific item for your PC the easiest way is to go online and search for the official website of the brand. They will display lists with the products you need and you can choose one. Another way is to search for deal websites and search for drives. It’s difficult to find discounts on an official website and a deal website can do the job for you. Of course, if you place and online order you will need to pay the transportation taxes. If you don’t want that, you can simply go to a computer store near you and you can buy the drive from there.


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