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Electronics car, better known as an electric car, is trendy, but a natural evolution of the green movement in America.  It’s not just a new car that you’ll be driving, it will be a car driven by electricity instead of gasoline, a car that can be recharged at on-street stations almost everywhere, a car that causes less pollution and last but not least the most cheapest mode of transportation in the world today. With rapidly rising fuel prices, this type of electronics car is gaining more popularity and it is also environmentally friendly.

Step 1

An electronics car is driven by the help of an electric motor using the energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Facing a decline in the late 19th century because of the energy crises of 1970’s and the 80s, the electric fever has again taken a hike. From around the mid 2000’s the demand for EVs has increased, mainly due to the unpredictable oil prices around the world.

Step 2

Various companies have introduced their version of electronics car into the market. Models such as Smart ED, Mia Electric, Tazzari Zero, Mitsubishi I MiEV, REVAi, Tesla Roadster are some of the brands that we have seen on the roads here and there. The ones that catch our eye are The Leaf, which has sold 22,000 units worldwide till now, and i-MiEV, with a grand total of 17,000 units sold till the end of October 2011, making these two the world’s top-selling brands of EVs that are highway capable.

Step 3

Tazzari Zero, an electronics car manufactured by the Tazarri Group introduced this unit in 2009, and is still producing it. A rear-wheel 2-door hatchback, that has a top speed of 100kmph (62mph) give around 140km per charge. Its special feature includes the possibility of charging it’s batteries to 80 percent in 50 minutes using a 3-phase power supply. 

Step 4

With basic accessories such as central locking, electric mirrors and Windows, a CD/Mp3 –player and 15” alloy rims, the price tag of $29,900 seems like a pretty reasonable deal for this electronics car.

Step 5

Dark Star, manufactured by the Tesla Motors started their production in 2008 and is planning to halt it somewhere around mid/late 2012, though they plan on introducing the next generation electronics car in 2014, orders for which have already started being made. This rear-wheel drive 2-door Roadster gives around 393km (244mi) per EPA combined cycle). The Roadster is the first of its kind to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first EV to travel 320km (200mi) per charge. Being a sports car, its price tag of $109,000 isn’t considered much by its buyers.


The Nissan LEAF, manufactured by Nissan, is by far the most stable and widely used EV in the world today. This 5-door, front-wheel drive hatchback has a range of 117km (73mi) per charge (EPA standards). Its range is equivalent to (2.4L/100km). LEAF has had varying prices around the world in different months. But in the U.S., its price is an affordable $36,020 as of May 2012. 


With a 5 star rating for Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment program), it is by far the best choice a customer can make with regards to an electronics car.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/05/2012
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Discover Great Deals For Electronics Car. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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