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Chrysler 300 fits in the large affordable car category. It is a full-size upscale car. The car is manufactured by Chrysler LLC. The car comes in a number of different models so its price range varies. The Chrysler 300 is a car that can fit the budget and needs of a lot of different people. The car had been in production for over 50 years. This alone proves the success of the car. This article will look at more details regarding the Chrysler 300 and examine various models and variants which are currently available on the market.


The Chrysler 300 has a lot of history attached to it. The Chrysler 300 began production initially in 1950. During the 1950 and 1960s the car was referred to as the letter series. Afterwards during 1970-1980 the car was known as the non-letter series. There was a further change of name and from 1999-2004 the car was simply called Chrysler 300M. the model of the car that is in production is called the Chrysler 300.


The current model was initially unveiled in 2003 at the New York Auto Show but it was just a concept till then. The production of the car was finalized in the middle of 2004 and the car started selling in early 2005. The designing of the car is done by Ralph Gill. The Chrysler 300 was designed keeping in mind that it was meant to be a high-end sedan. The car comes in 7 different models and 5 different variants. The base model is the first one. It comes with 17 inch wheels, four wheel disc brake, wheel covers, mp3 disc player, aux input, automatic transmission and a power drive. This model is powered by a 2700 cc v6 engine which is capable of producing up to 190bhp.

The second model is called Touring. It houses a more powerful 3500 cc v6 engine. The transmission and the wheels are the same. Some added features include (ESP) electronic stability program, leather interior, remote controlled keyless entry and satellite radio system. The limited edition has the same engine as the touring model but it includes a 5 speed gearbox manufactured my Mercedes.

Except for this it also includes bigger 18 inch aluminum rims and dual zone climate control. The 300c version is powered by a 5.7 litter V8, manufactured by Hemi. 340 bhp is what this engine produces and it is very fuel efficient even with its high power. The heritage edition comes next. It also has a 5.7 litter Hemi but its exterior is more like the srt-8s. Smart beam headlights are its unique feature. The exterior includes styling of chrome and 20 inch tires. Moving on comes the SRT Design Group version of the 300c. Along with performance suspension and 20 inch aluminum rims, it also has srt modifications in both the interior and the exterior. finally is the SRT-8. It is the top of the line version with a 6.1 L v8 at its heart. Capable of producing 425 bhp, the engine delivers maximum performance. It boasts stats that would make a sports car proud.

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The Chrysler 300 is a versatile car which can be suited to various types of people. The competition isn't that strong as far as the market is concerned.

By Amara, published at 03/15/2012
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