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What Type Of Business Phone Service Do I Need For a New Company?


Setting up a new business is the first step towards an entrepreneurial career. This is the step where you have to play some very smart moves or else the whole plan can back fire. Cost control has to be implemented from day one. We are not saying that you could cut cost of basic needs like a business phone service but be smart to choose not just any service but the one from a dedicated and cost effective service provider. It is very clear that business phone service is an important part of setting up a business but it should be either tailor made or meet the demands of your business.


According to a recent study, a number of fresh graduates and seasoned professionals have decided/plans to either quit their jobs and start their own business venture or start a new business. A smart decision we must say because there is nothing better to be your own boss. This also means a lot of planning, feasibility reports, an area of interest, extra responsibility and a lot of monthly expenses. The need for a business phone service started when the phone companies changed the tariff for business and home lines. This laid the foundation of a tailor made tariff plan for business lines. Almost every telephone carrier offers elegant communication solutions for business. Now a custom business plan is a must for every business which caters to the needs of the business.


When looking for a business phone service for a new company it is a must to first analyze the options available in the market. Don’t get carried away by the pitch of a salesman, try to carry out the analyses on your own. Then lay down your requirements on paper and match them with the options offered by the companies. If they match, fair enough. Also look into custom made solutions provided by the companies. Sometimes there is a lot of set up fee initially charged by the phone service providing companies, try your level best to negotiate on that. Also make sure that there are no hidden costs included in the business plan. A new trend has recently started of additional features with the business lines. Some people call it the bundle offer and at times these are the best options available. They might look expensive at the start but in future they can provide great savings and the money saved on your phone service can be injected into the business.

Tips and comments

Don’t fall for fake plans. Many ponzy schemes or hoax companies and agents operate that are looking to rope in innocent people who have started new companies. Always contact the franchise or use an email when looking for a new business phone service for your company. This also leads to more discounts or additional features for free. Plus it results in a good relationship with the phone company. Remember it is your company and you should not compromise on your needs. Take a solid stand and only select a plan that is for you. If no such plan is available go for a custom plan.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/19/2012
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What Type Of Business Phone Service Do I Need For a New Company?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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