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How To Search For a Phone Service Number

Published at 02/14/2012 16:06:51


Phone service numbers are special numbers assigned for special groups and services to cater to different individuals. These are generally toll-free and connections are made very quickly to make sure that the caller gets the needed help at the right time and in the most consistent means possible. One challenge that many people face is the lack of information on where to get the phone service number for their specific purpose. Here are tips.

Step 1

The directory. The easiest way is to contact the telephone operator. The number will depend on the location although it is always printed on the telephone book provided by the telephone company every year. Simply dial the operator's number and then ask for the specific company or group to be contacted. The operator will either give the caller the actual number or automatically connect him to the number he's looking for. Another way is by browsing the white pages of the telephone directory. These usually include some of the most common phone service numbers such as the fire department, the police station and emergency medical responders. Everything will take no more than 5 minutes.

Step 2

Search engines. People can now browse the web and search for a phone service number with the aid of a search engine. The person only needs to input the location, type of service needed and the word "phone service number". Several numbers will be presented according to location. There are also online telephone directories and social networking sites where visitors can get the information they need to dial quickly within minutes.

Step 3

Special websites. There are a number of websites online that particularly present the phone service number of different groups and agencies. People only need to browse through according to location, type of service and the attending party. These websites can be discovered through search engines and referrals by other people in online forums and social networking sites. Online telephone directories are included in these sites.

Step 4

Asking previous callers. A family or neighbor may already have memorized some of the most important phone service numbers for emergency cases. If not, there are at least a handful of individuals who know the number to the operator who can provide all the necessary details depending on the function and help needed. People who come across a police officer or someone working for the fire department or emergency medical response group can ask for the number and store it in their cellular phone or phone book.

Step 5

Business groups. A lot of offices, companies and business agencies have a variety of numbers to ensure that operations are not disrupted by emergencies and other special situations. The phone service number is usually held by the person at the front desk or the information center. People who know anyone running a business or office can get the quick tip and number with the help of their telecommunications personnel or agent. It's best to store the number. There will be about 3 to 5 vital ones to keep.


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