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Top 5 Cellular Telephone Service Providers

Published at 01/25/2012 07:42:21


Are you looking for cheap telephone service plan? There are many telephone service providers that provide cheap, as well as featured service plan for their customers. Which will be the best plan for you? If you read some reviews of top cellular telephone service providers, you will get it easily. This article is a review of top 5 low cost cellular telephone service providers. This list of top 5 providers has come from the user’s feedback that is in various websites, as well as forum posts. It always varies from each other when it comes to the need and the preference of the service plans. Before purchasing or thinking about the cost of any service plan, you should think about your habits, as well as service features, but also about other details that might count.


First of all, you will have to know how you will use your telephone service plan. If you want to use it rarely, it will be great to choose prepaid, or pay as you go service plan. Pay as you go is one type of calling card. In this service plan, you will have to deposit money to the card for the time when you will need it. This type of telephone service plan is great for emergency situations. A prepaid service plan is not same as the calling card plan. A prepaid service plan will definitely save your cost, but it will not allow you to go over your paid minutes. There is another type of telephone service plan. This is a postpaid service plan. This service plan is for those users, who can pay a big amount for their use. The postpaid service plan provides cheap and great offer for the users, who need to connect with people for all time.


Now, if you want to know about the telephone service providers, almost all providers will give these service plans. However, when it comes to top 5 service providers, it is really quite tough. I have made this article after reading a large number of forum posts, as well as user reviews. That’s why it will be easy for you to take decision about the top 5 providers. Right now US cellular, AT & T, Verizon wireless, T mobile and Sprint Nextel are in top 5 positions. Among these five, Verizon is in top 1 position as it provides the widest varieties of options as well as plans to its customers. The network service of this company is splendid. Besides this you will also get a wide collection of phones in this company.

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Anyways, now it is about the second position holder. It is AT & T Mobile Phone Company. It also provides a wide service plan to the customers like Verizon. However, the difference between Verizon and AT & T is the capacity of its coverage area. Verizon is considered as the best as it covers a long distance area. Anyways, then T mobile, US cellular and Sprint Nextel is in third, fourth and fifth position.