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There is a misconception among people that due to advance communication technologies, there is a decline in Customer Phone Service Jobs. In reality people nowadays want to talk to a customer representative because they realize the limitations of automated services. So, if you are looking for any customer phone service jobs, don't be deterred by the negative feedback you get elsewhere. The most important thing for anyone getting into this profession is to realise, that you'll be representing your employer or company, and you will have to follow certain code of conduct, and if not, your actions might jeopardize the whole business just because of your carelessness. So get this straight, this is not just a part-time job, it is a proper profession.


Like any other profession there is a whole skill set that is required to be successful in customer phone service career. First and foremost you must have good communication skills. Without command over your language or without any prior people-experience, you will suffer initially. There are training centres where you are trained to be a customer representative in a month or two, it is advised to join them if you lack the aforementioned skills. Secondly, you might sometimes have to sell products over phone, and for that you must have a passionate salesman within you. It often happens that people loose interest in their job, because they are not really passionate about the things that are required of them. So, if talking and praising stuff isn't your forte, you may think again before starting your training.


After being trained, the difficult part is to get a job. You won't require any graduate or post-grad degrees for the job, but you'll have pass the interview. But don't panic, because the questions you will be asked are common interview questions. Make sure you get your story straight, as the first questions are always about your background. The key to succeed in the interviews is to sell yourself. Don't be a humble modest introvert, rather present your lighter and more lively side. You will definitely be asked about your response if someone were to talk rudely to you. Here you must take caution and don't let your emotions seep out. Customer phone service people must be patient, calm, creative and most importantly self disciplined.

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The salary depends upon the job profile and the company that hires you. The range is from ₤6-₤8 per hour in UK, and $9-$15 per hour in US. But as you become more productive and indespensible for the company, you get higher pay, benefits and more respect. Customer Phone Service is a big industry, and you'll find many great opportunities once you are in this business. From just being a customer representative, people have gone on to become the CEOs of their companies. There is a very famous golden rule about succeeding in this field, always treat your customers as you yourself want to be treated. Apply this rule and you will definitely be on the road to a bright future.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/14/2012
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