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How To Start Up Home Phone Service

Published at 01/26/2012 17:28:48


During the latest years, the number of people that want to work from home increased dramatically. This way of working is not only about making greeting cards or envelopes. The recruiting agencies are now looking for call centers, and students that want to work during their free time could consider this as an opportunity. On the other hand, as a smart investor that wants to work for himself, you might think about a home phone service.

Step 1

As a home phone service operator, you will have to promote and sell the products and services of the company you are working for. Moreover, you will need to make everything possible for your number of clients to grow. You will have to sign a contract with a major call center, as it is better to start a franchise instead of a standalone home phone service. This way, you will benefit of the logistic and advices of the franchiser, until you are ready to start a business by yourself.

Step 2

Besides the telephone numbers given by your franchiser, you can always look in the phonebook for new potential clients. Use your home phone service in your interest, as your franchiser will never ask who you are calling as long as you can generate sales.

As for the initial investment, it is small. You will only need a connection to the internet and a microphone. The franchiser must also put a mobile phone number at your service, including credit that can be used for personal purposes.

Step 3

Usually, the majority of people starting a home phone service are targeting English language speakers, but the call centers are looking for people that could speak exotic languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. It is important to be patient, and if you are one of those persons that gets mad easily, than this ob is not for you. Using your home phone service, you will call hundreds of people every day, and some of them will be nervous, calling you names and yelling at you. It is important to stay calm and to try to calm them down also. Do not expect to break some selling records for your first weeks as a call center operator, as you will need to create a portfolio of faithful clients.


If you know some people that want to win some money doing the same thing, you can offer them support, in exchange for a commission. Moreover, you can also recommend some people to your franchiser, as the majority of those companies have programs to reward people bringing clients.

Sources and Citations

The job of operating a home phone service can’t be considered hard or easy. It is all about the individual, and some people that like to talk to the phone might find it enjoyable, while others will find it hard to speak with 100 different people every day. If you think about a job of this kind, you will have to determine if you are suited for this. In any case, start looking for a potential franchiser on the specialized blogs and forums, as you could easily find some interested companies there.