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the Best Prepaid Phone Service Company in California


Prepaid phone service, have become a major commodity. Mobile phones are no longer a requirement they have become an integral part of our lives. Nowadays, there is an upsurge of prepaid phone service; there are several companies that are providing amazing offers on call rates and other packages. As there is a wide variety of prepaid phone service, folks get confused as to what choice they should make regarding prepaid phone service. Cloncom is a prepaid phone service company grounded in California. They have been in the telecom business since 2002, and in a short time they have garnered a status as a rock solid establishment with reasonable prices. This service gain popularity over the years and is not a renowned method of communication.


The the past of the prepaid mobile phone started in the 1990s when superior markets were being pursued after by the mobile phone operators. Before this date, all mobile phone facilities were offered on a post-paid basis, which omitted individuals with a poor credit assessment as well as children as during that time you had to be 18 to sign a mobile phone contract. On November 16, 1994 a patent for prepaid mobile phones was filed. Amid the pioneering, if not the first large urban area enactment of prepaid mobile service in the United States was in the start 1990s at Houston Cellular Telephone Company Houston, TX.


Cloncom, currently is considered to be one of the most successful and cost effective prepaid phone service available in California. They have a lead over their contestants because they make their own phone cards rather than dealing through a middle man. Meaning improved prices for customers and better quality control of their product offerings. Not only do they propose prepaid phone cards, also PC to Phone and Prepaid Wireless Cards facilities are available. Cloncom's phone cards come with the minimum amount of fees. It's the charges that knock up the cost per minute of a call. Numerous corporations offer super low call per minute rates to reel in gullible customers who ultimately realize that their airtime is rapidly eaten away by fees they were oblivious of. These phone card companies have these charges to balance out the real cost of charging you for your call. So the publicized rate of 1¢ per minute would essentially be 5¢ per minute.

Tips and comments

Choosing a prepaid connection can be tricky, as there are several charges that one is not aware off. So its best that you don’t rely on the advertisements, visit a franchise or a service center, inquire regarding the any queries you have. You must ask for the hidden charges as that will determine the amount of phone cards that you will have to buy per month. If you are one of them lazy people, then consult a friend. I am sure they will be able to help you out regarding which connection you should buy. After doing a basic survey identify your budget and then make the right decision. Good luck.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/22/2012
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the Best Prepaid Phone Service Company in California. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.