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Technology has provided us with marvelous gadgets that made our work easy and more convenient. In the field of Communication, mobile phone or wireless phones have made communicating with people from different places easier with just a dial away. This has been possible due to mobile phone companies and wireless phone service. However, as always not all companies and phone services are created equally. Some may ask for higher rates while others are more price-friendly. Aside from that, connection services and rewards greatly affect the customer’s decision when choosing for a wireless phone service. The question now is which among numerous phone services offers the best plans?


Dating back the history of mobile phones, it was in 1940s where mobile phone prototypes became known. For those of you who still remember their features, it was bulky in appearance and heavy for their size. A lot of improvements where made since the 1970s until it became the way it is today. Aside from the physical appearance, features such text messaging, e-mails and pocket office services were included. When it comes to wireless phone service, they establish themselves as soon as the development of mobile phones took places. As enhancements were made, phone services also adapted to it becoming more and more efficient to serve their consumers. For the first wireless phone service company, it was AT&T who started it all. Up until today, their pride as being one of the pioneering service providers is what entices several individuals to thrust them.


With that, the competition tightened when numerous wireless phone service started to establish themselves. These gave consumers a variety of choices when it comes to phone services. In order for one to opt for the best wireless phone service, several factors come into play. Discussing these factors would only costs you more time, to summarize everything; here are the best wireless phone service available in the USA based from various reviews and ratings. Version Wireless gains the number one spot this 2012. For their plans, they offer several types of plans from individuals to business types. Their greatest feature that made them fall on the first spot was the unlimited voice plan for only $69.99 per month. The second best phone service company is given to AT&T. When it comes to their plan features, they are the same as the Version Wireless. However, consumer feedbacks states that there are some minor issues involved placing them on the 2nd spot. The third and last on the list is the Sprint. Compared to the first two phone service companies, they offer unique plans that focus on the customer’s needs rather than the competition. With that, their ratings are higher compared to the top two companies. These are the best three companies in the USA as of 2012.

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In choosing for the best wireless phone service, you have to consider which of them best fit your expectations. Also consider affordability and efficiency of each company. However, based from consumer’s ratings and reviews which is the vital part of every decision making process, these three would be your best options.

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the Best Wireless Phone Service Plans. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.