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the Best Long Distance Phone Service Provider in Tuscon, Arizona


Telephone companies and service providers have come a long way since the invention of the telephone. One of their greatest accomplishments is the long distance phone service. Today, you can now talk to your love ones all over the country and around the world from your own homes. And thus, communication outside one’s locality has never been easier. However, with the establishments of several long distance phone service providers, it is without a doubt that opting for the best company should be meticulously discerned.


In the history of long distance phone service providers, AT&T was the first company to build an interconnected long distance telephone network from New York to Chicago in 1892. In the later years, Alexander Graham Bell sent the first transcontinental telephone call from New York to San Francisco. This process was completed after 23 minutes and 5 telephone operators. In 1951, AT&T released their newest long distance phone service which is Direct Distance Dialing feature known today as the 10-digit dialing. In 1984, the US government implied the “equal access” where in subscribers can choose any phone companies to handle their local toll and long distance toll from their telephones. Up until today, this system is used for home telephones to connect with people around the world for USA residence including those that live at Tucson, Arizona.


What are the best long distance phone service providers in Tucson, Arizona? Here are the top three telephone companies that are available for subscription in Tucson, Arizona area. The first leading telephone company in the US is AT&T. For years, this telephone company brings forth numerous breakthroughs in the world of communication. Most of their featured home phone services are unlimited local and long distance plans that start from $25 per month. There are more plans you can choose when you inquire at AT&T with guaranteed lower rates. The Next long distance phone service provider in Tucson, Arizona is Comcast. With their Comcast Digital Voice Plan, you can avail unlimited nationwide home phone services, international calls and other calling features such as caller ID in a price of one. They also have a plan called International Carefree Minutes Plan where 100 minutes of international calls can be used anytime. You can always contact Comcast for further inquiries. The last on the list of best long distance phone service provider is CenturyLink. They have this unlimited home phone service plan known as CenturyLink Unlimited Phone. This plan entitles you to an unlimited local and nationwide calling and other calling features for as low as $44.95 per month. For other phone services you can visit CenturyLink for details.

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These are the best three when it comes to long distance phone service providers in the Tucson, Arizona area. However, you can always check other companies. Keep in mind that this decision is up to you to take. You can always compare features and prices that would surely accommodate your needs and desires. Whichever company you choose, you are guaranteed that all of them will only provide you with highest quality services.

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