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the Best Internet And Phone Service Package From At&t


In today’s society, two services play an important role in the world of communication, the internet and phone service. Whether it is used for personal reasons, business or work-related, these two services greatly affect every individual’s lives. AT&T, being the leading telephone company in the USA, provided their subscribers with great packages wher in these two services can be had for the price of one. What are AT&T’s best internet and phone service packages? Read further and you will find out more.


Before going further, here are some reasons why to choose AT&T. In the history of telecommunications, AT&T made its name as the leading provider when it comes to both internet and phone service. It was in late 1800’s when AT&T established their company. Throughout the years they brought numerous contributions and breakthroughs in regards to communication. One of their greatest contributions in history is being the first company to bring forth long distance services from New York to Chicago. From then on, they were one of the most trusted phone companies in the USA. Today, they still rank among the top telecommunication companies that only serve their subscribers with the best and highest quality service.


Going back to their internet and phone service packages, AT&T offers various packages or bundles. Among the best three are home phone and internet services package, home phone, internet and TV package and lastly home phone, internet and wireless package. The home phone and internet package also known as AT&T double pack entitles the subscriber the following services; unlimited local and long distance voice calls and high speed internet services for $37 per month valid for 12 months. The next internet and phone service package is home phone, internet and TV package commonly known as AT&T triple pack. In this bundle, the subscriber can avail unlimited local and long distance calls, internet services with a speed of 6 mbps, and TV services for $93.94 per month valid for 12 months. The third internet and phone service bundle also known as AT&T triple package offering home phone, internet and wireless service is worth $89.94 per month just like the other valid for 12 months. In this package one is entitled with the following services; unlimited voice calls both local and long distance, internet services with a speed of 1.5 mbps and AT&T nation 450 with rollover minutes. These three are the most highly recommended bundles. However, if you like a better arrangement, you can inquire or create your own internet and phone service bundles at AT&T.

Tips and comments

When considering which package to take, one should account for necessities. Knowing that these 3 packages have both internet and phone service, you can opt for AT&T triple package if you want additional services. However, if you only need those two important services, then you can just avail the AT&T double package. Before deciding which package to take, ask yourself if you can fully comply with the requirement. Take note these packages would last for 12 months. Unless you don’t have an ongoing source of income, you can just try the double package for the sake of practicality. Other than that, these three packages would make you trust AT&T more.

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the Best Internet And Phone Service Package From At&t. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.