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Is a Local Phone Service Plan Cheaper Than a Long Distance Plan?

Published at 02/14/2012 20:29:26

There has been a debate among the users of phone services as to whether a local phone service is cheaper than a long distance service or not. Traditionally, it is assumed that the local phone service is the one which is provided by the cities and towns. Alternatively it is also regarded as the service offered by international or large national and multinational companies. Initially the small companies covered the area outside of the phone calls and their channels have long been connected with distance networks. Some of the companies offering local and distant phone service are regional like the Bell Company which is operating from local service providers.


However it has been established that all Bell telephone companies are not operating at local levels. Some of these are operating at regional level or even the local phone service is also being offered especially after the liberalization of 1996. It has been established that the local phone service is more cost effective and it is also followed by most of the customers. This fact is associated with the operations carried out after the deregulation in the regional Bell operating company, even after that the company has continued to provide technical services to a corporate structure.


Many communities in the United States opt for the local phone service plan as it is far better than the long distance phone service in many ways. The local telephone companies were established in the rural areas of United States in early 1980s. Being established in a limited area, it was possible for the local phone service company to provide all the necessary equipment and services to customers. However, as technology changed with the passage of time, the nature of the technical services offered by the companies also drifted to new ways. This helped the companies to equip the services with latest modifications which ultimately resulted in more efficient delivery of services.

Tips and comments

The local phone service is also cheaper as compared to the long distance phone service plan in a way that at local levels, the telephone companies are leased, rather than selling directly to customers. When the customers used to rent a phone call during the decade of 1980s, they ultimately had to end up by paying as much as 10 times the value of that call. However a major drawback of the local phone service is that it does not have an approach to the ADSL and other related telephone services.

The local phone service also needs to be renovated by changing the cables, the central office which is also called as the telephone exchange, lines and much more. In comparison, the long distance networks only have to change the hardware needed to complete the structure. Therefore, the major difference in using a local phone service and a long distance service is that while using the former, you are making the call by conventional means. On other hand using the latter service, you will be able to make call through network. In other words, the long distance service depicts the advanced mode of communication.