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Review Of the Best Phone Service Providers


There is no denying the fact that in today’s world we cannot survive without a cell phone. With the fast paced lifestyle of today we need to keep in touch with our friends, family and clients at all times. Cell phones which were once a rich man’s toy are now among the list of basic commodities of every person be it an office worker, a student or a housewife. Cell phones are most helpful everywhere with emergency services only a few dialed digits away. Also with the latest cell phones supporting a camera as well as a music library to match the iPod, one can have everything they need in their hands. But cell phones are only as good as the phone service providers, depending on their quality of service and packages. There are countless phone service providers around the world that offer services and phones to their customers along with fighting for their place in the market.


Phone service providers have been most phenomenal in bringing the telecommunication industry so far. If it wasn’t for them, mobile communication would still be in the process of development and research. Phone service providers that have been the best in service quality and overall consumer handling are not many as they have to be consistent with what they are doing. Verizon wireless would be on the top of the list as its mobile phone plans, the phones themselves and their features give its valued customers additional benefits. Verizon wireless is ranked best among the consumers. As for affordability, its total fee is quite reasonable. It can be used by anyone having a cell phone. Verizon wireless also prides itself in giving best after sales customer support and in providing the customers with a customer friendly helpline.


It can easily be stated that the second best service provider in the industry is the long running AT & T. This service provider is America’s favorite and has provided American with a great quality of service and equally great plans. AT & T has been from a very long time serving the American nation and its goodwill and brand image is far greater than most. Many of its users are brand loyalists but you must not only consider its image when choosing it for yourself. Do take a good look at its tariff plans and other benefits before making a decision.

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Another prominent name among the cell phone industries in the world is that of Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is a goliath in phone service providers. This can be said due to its great service in almost any place on the US map and also because of its economical plans and great deals. It ensures its customers get top of the line cellular service. Whenever you choose a service provider you mustn’t jump to conclusions but in fact go for word of mouth information about phone service providers. The reason is that existing customers can tell you best which service has what pros and cons that you should be aware of. These little things can help you understand which service is best suited to your needs. The best phone service provider is the one which provides you with all the facilities that you expect of it and offers a perfect package within your budget.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/27/2012
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