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How To Get a Tv Network Show

Published at 03/21/2012 21:23:22


Everyone is on a tight budget these days because of the ongoing recession. Though a number of industries have been taken down badly along with this financial crisis, some industries remained static. Television is one industry that has remained steady during the recession. All you need is a TV show on a major TV network. It will help you set a firm step in the TV industry.

Making a break in the TV networks a huge challenge because you simply can't just step in without any relevant experience. but then again, you need to realize that its not impossible either. An idea that is fresh, with a new concept is what the network always looks for, and this is just the beginning of the show. There are more challenges to come down the road. If you want to find a network company that might be able to listen to you, look up to your idea, you convincing them your TV show can be a success are some of the major factors that require keep consideration.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is come up with a suitable idea for your show in TV network. Write up a few lines on your idea you wish to be aired. You can write a log line, summing up all that you have in your head in just one line. It needs to be descriptive, explaining every bits of detail you have in your mind in a very precise manner. You need to find a major TV network sideways. You need to look for a company that is perfect for you and the idea you have in your mind. Whatever you come up with, remember, if its original, unique and fun of creativity and innovation, a unique blend of different elements, something that has never been aired is something that can make you shine in the lot and make your way to the top.

Step 2

Writing a brief synopsis about your TV show idea is the next important step. You should explain every inch of detail quite precisely about your show, the concept behind it, its genre and what it aims at. Dont be too long, be to the point yet clear about your idea.

Step 3

Have enough contacts to get into the industry is a very essential factor. Try to attend all such events where you can come across people who can help you to the doorsteps of a good, leading TV network.

Step 4

You simply can't make it out there all alone, you will be needing some assistance. You will need someone who is influential, inspired, knows the ins and outs, dos and don'ts of the industry. You will need to hire an agent for you who is just perfect for your needs, and have all this qualities in him to help you make it big.

Step 5

You will next need to write a descriptive pitch about your show, that is influential and convincing for those you present to. Again, don't be too long, or boring, don't go off track. Be precise, to the point and your verbal pitch needs to be powerful enough for the TV network to select you.


Whenever a new TV show is launched on a TV network, there is an idea behind it with a hope that this idea will be appreciated by the producer and the show will be selected for production and being aired.


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