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How To Connect Computers With a Network


Companies, cybercafes, families, and schools that have several computers need to know how to connect their computers with a network. This will help them be able to share information and share files and folders within the created network. Connecting computers with network should not be a problem neither should you have difficulties doing it. You can get a professional to do this for you if you are unable to follow instructions and steps on how to connect computers with network.

Step 1

Get the necessary equipments that are going to be used in the process of connecting your computers with network. You might need cables and routers as the main components. A router would be the simplest method because it will take care of the addressing for the computers and this will assure you of good performance. You should know the types of cables that are used in networking. One of them is the Cat-5, which is short for category 5. There is a newer version of this known as Cat-5E that is category 5. They are not only enhanced but can also be interchanged.

Step 2

Now that you have these tools plug one cable into the network jack on each computer. This will be shown to you in your computer manual if you don't know where the jack for networking is. These network cables are very easy to use because they look like a larger version of the phone cables everyone is used to. The jack looks like a large phone jack and you just plug in the same way. This will be a great start to your process of connecting with network for your computers.

Step 3

Now that your computers are connected with network using the essential cables, now plug in the cables from your cables that come from your computers to your router using the jacks at the other end. The ports that you use to plug in your jacks on you router will be different from the ones that are provided for plugging in a modem. If you confuse these jacks then the connection of computers with network will be destructed as it will not perform the job as required. Cross check your connection and make sure that it is as required.

Step 4

After you make sure that all connections are correct then turn on the power and plug in the router and wait for all the lights to stop flashing. If all lights stop flashing then your connection with network is working properly. You can now turn all the computers on and wait for them to start fully to internalise the new connection with network.

Step 5

All routers will have an address that you can use to modify the routers settings. The address customarily looks like this, “http://”. You can use your router manual to get the right address for your router. Here you will also be able to change the password of your router to avoid illegal use of your network.


Now you know how to connect computers with network. You can comfortably perform the task of connection to anyone.

By Hannah, published at 03/16/2012
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