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5 Benefits Of Playstation 3 Systems

Published at 02/28/2012 20:45:40


In the world today there are a few gaming consoles that have taken the lead as the choice for gamers everywhere. The one system though that stands out among the others is the PlayStation 3 systems. This console was once said to be ahead of its time because of all the features and technology that at it offered its users. Time has finally caught up with the PlayStation 3 and it is still the gaming console that is the most advanced out of the available choices on the market. Below are listed 5 reasons why PlayStation 3 systems are the best on the market and offer their users the best overall experience.

Gaming Benefits

One of the reasons that PlayStation 3 systems are one of the best is because of the exclusive titles available only on the PlayStation 3. Game such as the Metal Gear series or the Uncharted series are massive hits, but can only be found on PlayStation 3 systems. There are a large number of other great games that can only be played on this system and that makes it worth buying.

Being able to play games online for Free is also a benefit to the PlayStation 3 systems. Unlike other systems where you have to pay to play online, the PS3 is free unless you want to buy extra items. This gives the system a better value because in the long term you will be paying less since you don't have to pay to play online.

The failure rate of PlayStation 3 systems is also very low and this means that you won't have to worry about sending in your system every year because it breaks down or stops working. The higher cost of the PlayStation 3 is offset by the reliability that it brings.

Other Benefits

There are also a host of other benefits to the PlayStation 3 systems that will leave everyone in the family happy. One of the main selling points for the PS3 since the beginning has been the built in Blu-ray player. This has made it possible for the PS3 to play some of the best quality movies available on the market.

Another feature that has helped to put PlayStation 3 systems above their competitors is the ability to install a Linux OS onto the system. This gives the system more of a computer feel and shows how truly versatile the PS3 is compared to other systems.

There is also a whole host of apps and other software that makes it easy to watch television or movies at your own leisure. These are often even new movies or television shows that may take days or weeks to be released other places.

Tips and comments

The PlayStation 3 systems are by far the most advanced gaming consoles available to the consumer today. They offer services that can't be found anywhere else and are always improving their systems. Whether you are a gamer or are looking for a Blu-ray player that your kids can also enjoy, the PlayStation 3 is the best way to go. The release of the PlayStation 3 slim has also helped to make the system more sleek and appealing to customers. It is an all around great system that anyone can enjoy.


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