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Review Of the Playstation Systems


The PlayStation systems have drawn a large following over the years and have been a source of entertainment for millions. All the way from the initial release in Japan in 1994, it has stood the test of time. Even when other competitors, such as the Xbox 360, came onto the market the PlayStation system still stood its ground. One of the most recent setbacks for the PlayStation has been the fact that the PlayStation 3 was almost too far ahead of its time. The advanced features that set the system apart were also the reason that the price was too high for a lot of people to spend. Over the last few years the PlayStation 3 is starting to work its way into the homes of thousands of gamers and showing them what they had been missing.

Benefits of PlayStation

There are a large host of benefits when it comes to PlayStation systems. One of the key things that brings people back to this gaming console is the list of exclusive titles that can only be played on systems like the PlayStation 3. An example of a few of these games are the Metal Gear Solid series and also the Uncharted series. These are two of the bestselling series in the gaming world and gamers would be cut off from these titles if they didn't own a PlayStation 3.

Another thing that draws gamers to PlayStation systems is the low failure rate for the consoles. The PlayStation is known for its reliability and fares much better compared to competing consoles. This means that gamers can stay in the game and not have to wait weeks while they send in their system to be repaired or replaced. This makes the price tag a little more reasonable since the odds of needing to replace the console are low.

The PlayStation network is free and this draws a lot of gamers. Unlike Xbox LIVE which costs a set amount every month, gamers can play all the games they want online for free. This can save a gamer a lot of money over the life of the system and also helps to make up for the higher price of PlayStation systems.

The built-in Blu-ray player is also a draw to a lot of gamers. This is one of the most advanced ways to watch movies and it saves a gamer from having to go out and buy a whole other system to play Blu-ray movies.

Drawbacks to the PlayStation

One of the drawbacks to PlayStation systems is the fact that the network is free. Since the network is free there is a chance it is less monitored and more apt to being down. There was also the recent problem of the PlayStation network being hacked and sensitive information being compromised. This is a risk that can be associated with any gaming network, but has plagued PlayStation recently.

There is also the smaller option of gaming titles with the PlayStation 3. Just as you can only play certain titles on the PlayStation 3, you can also only play certain titles on other gaming consoles. It is really up to the gamer to decide whether they prefer one series over another. There is also the option of buying multiple systems to fill all gaming desires.


The PlayStation systems are a true testament to what the gaming world can produce. It is up to the gamer to decide which gaming console is best for them. Many stores offer demos that allow customers to take gaming consoles for a test ride. Test them all out and see which one is right for you.

By Michael Banks, published at 02/29/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Review Of the Playstation Systems. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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