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How To Play Tabletop Football Games

Foosball Game

 The tabletop football game, which is commonly called as foosball, is great for kids and to those kids at heart. This game is even considered a sport because of its many followers and how it reflects how soccer is played on the field. It is basically soccer with similar rules but only played on the table and can only be played by few players.

 The game has really evolved since the first time it was introduced back in Germany. There are already professional players of foosball all over the world and its gaining more followers and enthusiasts. It is not surprising why this sport or game has reached the said popularity because it has got almost the same excitement as playing real soccer on the field yet without the injuries and low scoring aspect.


Basic Rules of the Game

 The game is started with the flipping of a coin to determine who gets to serve first. The player who wins the toss coin will now strategize how to pass or shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The players get to manage their own 13-player figures on the table. Each player would then have to compete on who gets to have possession of the ball score a goal.

 A score is counted every time the ball hits the goal of the opponent. Because of impact, there are times that the ball would hit the goal but bounces back out. When this happens, the score is still counted. And when the ball hits a spot on the table that can’t be reached by any of the player pieces then the game has to start again by a ‘jump ball’.

 The team who got scored against will have the turn to serve to start another round. The players will have time limits on how long they are allowed to not kick the ball to pass or shoot during the game.

 Standing rules of the game are; no spinning and no jarring of the table or banging against the sidewalls.


Why Love Foosball

 Many people enjoy playing foosball because of the fun it brings without getting injured or exhausted due to running around the field like you do in soccer. This exciting game is ideal for any game room to complete the indoor games available. Foosball can also be played by the entire family and by kids of all ages.

 Knowing the rules of the game adds to the fun the game brings into the table.


The Right Tabletop Football

 There are few things you need to consider getting a tabletop football. A playing field which is evenly leveled is essential for the game to be enjoyed. So in looking for the right table, make sure that the table has a leg leveler. This will allow you to adjust the level of the table even on an uneven plane.

 The weight of the table needs to be more than 150lbs and the sidewalls should be thick enough to ensure uninterrupted playtime. Make sure that the table is as sturdy as possible since the game can be rough.


By Cryogene Clooney, published at 12/28/2011
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