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Football has become a religion in itself. It is by far a sport that contributes to the creation of the history. Being considered the oldest sport in the world, it just made money out of everything. As they saw that each little gadget is good for the fans – the sports people made a habit out of new gadgets that appear, like football badges.


Step 1

Step 1. A thing that wants to be taken seriously is serious by what it does and how it organizes itself. Therefore, the football badges have created various associations. Even from the early times, these associations were created – let’s take for example the Glasgow Football Association Badge that existed since the 19th century.

Step 2

Step 2. While finding out about the existence of badges football Associations, you can start looking for some. There is the British Association of Football Badges Collectors (AFBC) - the organization promotes the collection and the production of goods made from quality football badges. It has a monthly newsletter, where you can find all the new official badges that have come up on the market; it even has a site on which a number of annual meetings are put there, with the schedule and all, and who wants to participate, si welcomed. In these meetings one can change and buy and sell different football badges; the National Association Badges – there are national associations for football badges, for each country in part, theoretically; the Fédération Internationale de Football Association Logos.

Step 3

Step 3. In having decided to look for some qualitative and well done football badges, you will have to either make an online search or decide upon online site that sells football badges at a good price or you should start your search through the shops around time. Unfortunately you will not be able to find too many shops that will provide you with many football badges items. For this there are just special stores, made just for this. In an average one, you will find just a few exemplars to choose from.

Step 4

Step 4. If you want the decision to be easier to make, it would very much help you if you decide upon what football team is your favorite. It is a thing to be a badge collector, and another to be both a football badges collector and a football lover. Having a certain club you care with, you can choose just the badges that belong to that club. This will make it easier for you to make the choice.

Step 5

Step 5. If you are just a football badges collector, never minding who that badge belongs to, there are many choices to choose from. You can choose from the oldest badges ever, till the newest. There is a special site in this regard - - you can find here the badges and their meanings from the Premier League clubs; Championships; League 1 and League 2. Another site that will help you find or complete badges collection you have, can be They promise to try and help you with every issue you need.


Football badges are considered to be the characteristics for each club in part. Anyhow, these too, are changeable in time – they add a new star, a new color, a new shape etc.

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