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How To Play Tabletop Football

Published at 12/28/2011 12:32:27

Tabletop Football

 Tabletop football, or commonly known as foosball, is an indoor game that you would love to add in your game room. It is a popular indoor game next to billiards and chess because of their being most played by people around the world. This game is like soccer but in a tabletop.

 It is believed that this game started in Germany in the late 1920’s and the action happened in an old wooden box. The game caught on after competitions were being held which gained a lot of enthusiasts today. Probably because of its being an indoor game and safe from any injuries that it has gained such popularity not just in countries like the U.S. but also from other parts of the world.


Let’s Play

How To Play Tabletop Football

 People who have been playing tabletop football have already learned a lot of strategies how to win the game. But for the benefit of everyone, let us try to understand how this exciting game is played.

 Like some games, determine who gets to start the game by flipping a coin. Once that is determined, the player will then start the first move by placing the ball in the middle of the table. The player would then make his tabletop football pieces to kick the ball towards the goal while the other player defends his goal. To move the pieces in table is to turn, push, and pull the rods where they are attached to. But the important rule is there is no spinning the rods.

 You also need to set limits on how much time each players on the rods have before kicking the ball.

Every time you start a game or round, the ball must hit the table first before the players can start kicking it or getting possession. It’s foul to hit the ball while still in mid-air.

In situations where the ball got to a spot in the table that can’t be hit by any of the pieces, the game needs to start again in the middle of the table.

All shots that hit the goal are considered a score even if it bounced out from the goal because of impact. Whoever get the most score, wins.


Tricks Of The Game

How To Play Tabletop Football

 Aside from scoring, your other objective is to keep the ball from your opponent. Always make sure that you will have one of your pieces in front of the ball each time.

 Don’t just hit the ball right away. Try to stop the ball and clear your players so that you can get a possible score or pass to another player of yours.

 Take advantage of the sides of the table. Bounce the ball from it for a possible goal. Be wise about your moves to commit fewer mistakes.



 The game may be an indoor game but it tough to play and exciting at the same time. It is like coaching soccer team and executing the moves yourself. The one who has the right strategy are most likely to win the game.



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