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Top 5 Causes Of Acne

Published at 03/01/2012 19:12:34


Acne is a condition caused by the inflammation of skin due to either dust or dead cells. It is a condition that can really at times interfere with the victim’s lifestyle as it may either reduce the victims self esteem or leave ugly marks on their skin. There are various mythical causes that have been assumed to be the main causes acne. Acne does not only affect the face alone as it affects all the other parts of the body such as the buttocks, arms and even the neck. Basically these are the parts that are capable of producing more oils in the body.


Among the adolescents acne is likely to affect them from age 14. The main causes acne being attributed to the fact that around this period, a lot of hormonal activities are taking place in their bodies. The level at which the hormones were held by the body changes. These hormonal changes affect negatively the rate at which oils are produced in different body parts. As a result of this acne is likely to affect a big number of people in their adolescent stage than those in their later stages in life.
It is said that food plays a very big role in our lives. We are how we are today partly because of our diet. The diet we choose may contribute heavily to the skin we have. There are certain diets that are known to aggravate the level of acne in the body. Oily and sugary diets are known to be one of the main causes acne.


We as human beings are a product of genetics and partly environment. There are certain diseases that are passed from one generation to the other and become the causes acne. Diseases such as diabetes are transmitted this way. There are high chances also that if the victim’s parents had acne he is likely to have acne. These passed on diseases are known as hereditary diseases which makes this hereditary one of the known causes acne.
Cosmetics have also played a big role in contributing to the spread of acne. Makeup used by many ladies are known to seal the skin pores which mean that the skin aeration rate is limited. This only catalysis the rates at which pimples develop. The way we handle our skin may also play a big role in how our skin looks like and become the causes acne. In instances where we use rough cloths to wipe of face or when we use harsh face cleansers. This may be the causes acne instance where we squeeze the pimples in the face may trigger the development of more acne and even leave ugly marks on the skin.

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Other causes acne may be attributed to the level of stress we are facing. Stress is known to trigger hormonal imbalances just like those in the adolescent stage. When this is done it is normal for the sebaceous glands to produce more oils thus leading to acne problem. Other factors that may be the causes acne that includes the environmental factors and at times medication.