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How To Cure Acne Naturally

Published at 03/14/2012 06:13:48


Acne is a major problem that many people around the world would like to cure. Acne is caused by stress, hormones, diet and most importantly vitamin deficiency. It is good you know that eating the correct vitamin and foods will promote your body health in general. It will enforce your body’s defense mechanism to fight off any unwanted acne. There are very many over the counter drugs that are targeted to acne patients and though they are effective, using natural treatments still remains a great option for you. Read further if you want to learn how to cure acne naturally.

Step 1

One natural treatment for acne is an acne scrub. This scrub can be created with lemon juice, kosher salt and honey. Although this homemade scrub is cheaper than what you would have bought from the drug store, it will sterilize and exfoliate your skin.

Step 2

The next step is to mix one part kosher salt with two parts honey. When you want to know how to cure acne, you should ensure they mix well and add a splash of lemon juice in the mixing process. Make sure you use this scrub before you retire to bed and early in the morning when you wake up. You may not even need to refrigerate the scrub, covering it will be enough. This step of how to cure acne is easy and good for your skin.

Step 3

Rinse your face after every application. You may use hydrogen peroxide as a toner after you finish cleansing your face. Even if hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfectant and astringent, you should remember to avoid its contact with the eyebrows as they may get bleached. At this point, you will have covered the basics of how to cure acne. The procedure doesn’t stop there, there is still something else you need to do.

Step 4

You should ensure your hair is off your face at all times. Bangs and long hair can be very detrimental to skin with acne. When you want to know how to cure acne, you have to keep in mind that hair contains oils that may add additional bacteria that can cause your skin to break out with acne.

Step 5

Knowing how to cure acne includes knowing that water is very important. There’s no doubt that one of the best ways you can promote healthy skin, is by drinking a lot of water. It is recommended that a person drink six glasses of water on a daily basis.

Step 6

It is advisable to keep changing your pillow case and also avoid touching your face to avoid the spread of bacteria. The less acne you want, the cleaner the face you will need to have.


Acne can be effectively treated by a number of natural treatments. Aboveare well explained steps of one the natural treatments you can refer to whenever you want to know how to cure acne . Read them carefully laying extra emphasis on each of them and you will be surprised what a simple task it is knowing how to cure acne.

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