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Acne starts to develop when a person reaches puberty at 12 to 13 years of age. In most cases, the problem will gradually disappear and become less noticeable as the person reaches adulthood. However, people are almost never without pimples from that moment on. These can still come out every now and then. Knowing how to get acne and how it can be treated will provide people with fair complexion and glowing beautiful skin.

Step 1

Know the triggers to get acne. Acne can develop through a variety of ways. According to a number of studies, consuming food and beverages that are high in fat, sugar and oil can get acne. Try to control or eliminate these from the diet as much possible. Some of the things to get rid of include sodas, pastries, French fries, fried chicken thighs, etc. Oily food can also lead to acne especially when people use their hands to eat and then touch their face afterwards. The oil from their hands can transfer to the skin pores, thereby causing clogging and blockages. Exposure to pollution will also lead to the growth of pimples. People must stay away from dust, dirt, rain and other polluted areas. Also eat more fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants to get rid of toxins and other by-products in the body.

Step 2

Washing the face. People are advised to wash their face 2 to 3 times a day at least to get rid of dust and dirt that might clog their pores and get acne. Use plain tepid water when washing and then pat the skin dry. If the person is exposed to polluted environments, he should wash his face immediately afterwards. Also be careful about wash too frequently as this might cause skin dryness and lead to breakouts. Applying toner or astringent after washing is also a good idea to get rid of pimples.

Step 3

Avoid some habits. People should never pop their pimples, scratch or touch their faces and put too many chemicals and products. Touch, popping or scratching can lead to permanent scars that can only be removed through surgical and laser methods. The use of too many agents might lead to incompatibilities so people get acne more than they expect it to subside. Benzyl peroxide is a good product to apply to dry the spot and avoid inflammation.

Step 4

Exposure. Skin must be allowed to breathe to keep dirt, chemicals and dust from clogging the pores. Makeup and other cosmetic products must be removed before going to bed. Individuals are also expected to get acne if they keep on applying masks and other products that keep the skin from maintaining itself naturally. This is why face washing is done best only by using plain tap water, without soap and other applications.

Step 5

Sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes to get acne. To help in the healing process and to get rid of wastes and pimple-causing free radicals, people must cleanse and recover by getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Afternoon naps are also very helpful.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/09/2012
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