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Acne Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Life!

Acne can be a devastating skin disorder for anyone to face. Acne doesn't just affect teenagers, but it can also occur in adulthood. Knowing what to use on your acne is important to not only stop the spread of the acne but to also prevent scarring and further damage. The importance of natural acne care is becoming a topic that many acne sufferers are searching for. People no longer want harsh chemicals on their skin that tends to cause irritation and damage. Now, people are looking for natural acne cures that are more gentle on their skin and less caustic. There are many natural remedies that you can try to both prevent acne and treat acne that you already have. Working with different remedies is important in finding what works for your acne case and your skin type. When diet changes alone do not seem to help your acne, there are many things that you can try.

Look in Your Cupboard for Treatment!

Some of the best natural acne treatments come inside your fridge or cabinet. These natural cures can both treat the acne and the irritation that it causes. They can prevent scarring and further damage with continued use. One of the most well-known cures comes from apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has a natural antibacterial quality to it and it makes for a great natural acne treatment. It it best to try a small amount to be sure that it does not irritate your skin. Dab the vinegar on with a cotton ball twice a day and you will soon start to see results.

Another treatment is the lemon. Lemon juice is a natural astringent that can dry up excess oil and thus dry up oozing acne. This treatment can also lighten the redness of the breakouts and clear your skin without harsh chemicals. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half and use the wedges to dab the juice onto your skin. You can also squeeze the lemon juice onto a cotton ball and dab it this way. Either method can truly help your acne.

Garlic is also a great natural acne treatment because of its antibacterial properties. The only issue with this treatment is the smell. It is recommended that you apply this while at home and wash your face carefully to remove any garlic smell. The garlic can be crushed into a paste and applied directly to the acne. It is also said that it helps to eat garlic to prevent acne.

Other Household Acne Treatments

Hydrogen peroxide is a great at-home natural acne cure that can help clear up your skin dramatically. It should be dabbed on the acne with a cotton ball. Check your skin with a test before using it on large areas to be sure it doesn't cause any irritation. Many of the acne creams contain peroxide. This is a remedy that you don't want to overuse as it can cause irritation.

Many people also swear by using baking soda. Baking soda is a bicarbonate that is wonderful for the skin. It calms the skin by adjusting the pH and goes a long way to settling breakouts. The baking soda is a natural acne treatment that normally does not bother your skin, but as with any treatment, it is important to test it before widespread use. 

Aloe vera is another natural remedy that can help to heal acne. It is best to get the aloe straight from the plant, but if you can't find an aloe plant just be sure to buy only 100% aloe gel. This is a natural acne treatment that will both heal the acne and soothe your skin. It can be dabbed on with a cotton ball and applied a couple of times a day.

Tips and comments

Don't use harsh chemicals on your acne.

Don't scrub your face.

Use natural cures for your acne.

Take care of your skin.

Watch your diet.

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