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The Relationship Between Proper Nutrition And Acne

Published at 02/17/2012 00:33:04


Having clear skin is what everyone wants. It can make you feel beautiful and you will look healthy if you have unblemished skin. It was thought that the better you ate the better your skin would be. Eating greasy food was often thought to cause bad acne breakouts. As we learn more about acne we also find that this is just not the case. Yes, eating properly will make you feel better over all, but having potato chips and soda every now and then is not going to cause you to have a bad breakout. Some people will insist that eating well does contribute to how your skin looks and acne that you may get.


If you eat food in moderation and take care of your skin, you will find that the breakout of acne is not that bad. Having the proper nutrition will help your body as a whole be healthier. There are a lot of old wives tales floating around about the foods you eat and acne. We now know that acne is caused by bacteria and breakouts happen because the pores get clogged. When the hair follicle becomes blocked this causes a bump, also called papules to happen on the face. This is how a pimple is formed. The reason why teenagers breakout and have issues with acne is because the sebaceous glands enlarge and produce more sebum because of hormones and this can cause a person to break out in acne.


That is not to say that getting the proper nutrition filled with vitamins and minerals is not good for you. Getting the recommended daily dose of vitamins is very beneficial for you and can help give you more energy and help you maintain the proper weight. When the sebum get clogged in the hair follicle, this will cause a break out and acne. There are a few things that you can do to help keep the problem under control. You will want to wash your face in the morning and at night. This will help to remove dead skin cell and acne that you have on your face. Try to keep your hands off of your face because they are covered with dirt and oil. Putting them on your face can cause you to break out. Female teenagers may find that once they start going through puberty, they break out more. This is because of all the hormones in their body and can cause acne. Drinking more water helps keep you hydrated and keep your face clear.

Tips and Comments

If you are having a problem with breakouts and acne, then go see your doctor. Some people need extra help on taking care of their skin. A lot of how you breakout comes back to the genes you got at birth. If your parents broke out real bad then there is a good chance that you will too. Teenagers go through a lot and acne will only add to any self-esteem problems they may be having. Sometimes, there is no correlation between the food you eat and acne. Most of it is genes and how well you take care of your skin.