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5 Best Medications For Face Acne

Published at 02/20/2012 02:41:37


Everybody’s skin is different, and sometimes home remedies just do not work for stubborn acne. We’re going to discuss five of the top leading medicines for face acne. When using home remedies for acne, there isn't going to be as many side effects as there would be with prescription medicine. For this article, we will discuss not only the medications but, the side effects, if there are any for the acne face treatment.

Step 1

The first medication to clear acne prone skin is Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, either alone or together. These two medicines are very effective in treating acne, however they come with a price. These are very harsh to sensitive skin. It is recommended to start slowly when using products that contain these ingredients. If a rash persists, stop using to give your face a break, then use it only every other day until your skin gets use to the ingredients. The very popular face acne medicine, Proactiv, has these 2 ingredients in it.

Step 2

As there are many different types of acne medications, there are also many types of acne and skin sensitivities. An oral and topical antibiotic is sometimes an effective treatment in stopping the growth of bacteria. However, there might be an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and an oral antibiotic must be taken with food to prevent an upset stomach. And of course, if taken over a period of time, antibiotics can become less effective due to antibiotic resistant germs.

Step 3

Some doctors will prescribe an antibiotic first to lessen the discomfort that acne brings to the patient, then prescribe either a topical medicine such as a retinoid cream or an oral medication such as an oral retinoid.

Step 4

Oral and topical form of vitamin A, or retinoids, taken over a period of time is a good treatment for milder cases of face acne. Typically the side effects range from an initial period of acne getting worse before it gets better, swelling of the face, and area of the face flushing. These are milder side effects than with most acne medicines. However, it is recommended to not take these during pregnancy as birth defects have been reported while on this drug.

Step 5

Women with less severe face acne can be put on hormones or low dose birth control to help keep it under control. Side effects are generally rare as is with all prescription birth control and include chance of stroke, heart attack, blood clots, high blood pressure, and headaches.


An anti-inflammatory in the form of vitamin b3 has been known to be another effective treatment for the painful cyst like pimples that crop up. There are no known side effects from taking a vitamin b3 in either oral or topical form. However, taken at a higher level can cause liver damage in some patients. But taken responsibly has been proven to help with mild cases of facial acne.

However how severe your face acne is, there is help for you. It doesn't have to hinder how you feel about yourself. Acne doesn't define who you are. Your personality does. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

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