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Top 5 Brands Of Acne Cream


Having acne prone skin can be very frustrating when trying to find the most effective treatment. There are enough face acne medicines on the market to make a person dizzy trying to find the right one. What to choose, over the counter, prescription, or creams? And who to listen to, doctors, grandmothers or friends? It’s hard and that is why we are writing this article, to help with some of the confusion.

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Five of the best acne cream in the market to use for 2012 are:

DDF BP Gel with Tea Tree Oil (Doctors Dermatologic Formula) seems to be ranked number one. This cream helps control blackheads and pimples, is an antiseptic and claims to be able to heal the skin making it clean and healthy. It comes in a two-ounce bottle and can be quite expensive. This topical acne cream is available at such stores such as Target and online at Amazon. If ordering from 2020skincare.com a free sample of their wrinkle reducer and pore minimizer is sent along with each order. If using this product, make sure to also use a sunscreen before going outdoors.

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Acne Solutions Emergency Gel by Clinique is number two because of its ability to unclog pores, control oily skin, and reduce inflammation. However, even though a dermatologist has developed this product and has no fragrances and is allergen free, it can dry out the face. It can discolor clothes and washcloths. This acne cream can be found at Macy’s, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, Ebay, and of course at Clinique.

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Clean and Clear Persa Gel by Johnson and Johnson came in at number three, however in my personal opinion it should be number one acne cream just for the fact that it is easily accessible. I think a person should be able to easily walk into a store to get a highly recommended product. There were no cons to using this product, in fact the reviews were positive. However, with all medications, use with caution on sensitive skin.

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Number four is the Blemish Double Agent Treatment from Biore and the reviews on this are mixed. Some liked it as an acne cream but yet some said it did nothing as an acne cream. Most reviews said that while it didn’t actually help make the pimple go away, it did help make it more invisible and easier to put makeup on over top of the pimple. This cream is to be used under foundation and not as an overnight cream. For this purpose alone, I would buy it. I hate when I have a pimple and try to cover it up only to make it ten times worse. It does not appear to be readily available at local stores but can be purchased online.

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Oxy 10 Balance Emergency Spot Treatment is number five because of its ability to help severe facial acne. This is a very harsh product. Use this product with caution and discontinue use if there is any irritation. If you have sensitivities to any acne creams, this product is absolutely not for you.

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