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How To Use a Laser To Treat Acne


There are new acne treatments becoming available to the public all the time. Laser acne treatments are a highly effective but very expensive way to treat acne.

Laser acne therapy works by killing the bacteria in the sebaceous glands, which are in the thicker part of the skin and secretes oil on the skin. Most of these glands are on the face and scalp, which is why those areas of our body are oilier than others. Not only can they directly cause acne, but also cysts that form under the skin, which laser acne therapy do not help. Nor does this type of therapy help blackheads and whiteheads.

Blue light therapy works by painlessly on laser acne destroying Propionibacterium acne's, which is caused by blocking pores, with a series of sessions.

Step 1

Diode laser therapy destroys the thick layer of skin without harming any of the other layers. This is not a pain free method for ridding facial acne, but topical analgesics are used beforehand.

Step 2

Photodynamic therapy combines nontraditional topical medications with light therapy. This is not a very effective method for acne treatment, however it may help some people. It works by first applying a photosensitizing cream before the light therapy.

Step 3

Photopneumatic therapy first uses a vacuum that suctions out all the oil and dead skin cells from the thick layer of skin under the top layer. It is then treated with a red and blue light therapy.

Step 4

Pulsed and heated light therapy together destroys acne and helps to reduce the oil producing glands that are positioned in the thick part of our skin on our face.

Step 5

Those are some of the laser acne therapy for treating acne. Side effects seem to be tenderness, slight swelling, and redness in the site of treatment. It is not proven yet whom this type of therapy helps. But we all have different types of skin and different sensitivities so it wouldn't hurt to try if you understand the risk of side effects and that repeated sessions might be needed. But, since laser therapy for treating acne is usually not covered under most insurance companies, it is reserved for the more severe cases and patients who can actively afford such expensive treatments.


One session can be between $200 and $500 and numerous visits are needed to effectively kill the bacteria. One session will not do it. Most doctors will recommend at least three sessions. But, even though it is an FDA approved method for fighting acne, they also recommend using a topical cream or other method along with the laser acne therapy. So, if laser therapy is so expensive and needs multiple sessions, not yet proven to work, and does not work alone, why is it? There are other just as effective and proven to work methods.

Laser therapy is a successful therapy used to correct acne scarring. It works by burning away the top layer of skin where the scar tissue is denser. Laser therapy has also been very successful in removing scars from wounds to the skin. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and we must protect it and treat it with absolute respect.

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