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If you are dealing with acne prone skin, this is the article to pay attention to. We all have dealt with a pimple or two, and we’re the lucky ones. The ones that have such a severe cause of acne usually have low self-esteem, get bullied, and in very rarely instances some teens have committed suicide due to the underlying depression of having acne. Hang on and don’t let your acne define who you are and read the options available for acne treatment.

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Thankfully, new products for acne treatment are being developed all the time. One popular product is Exposed Skin Care and can be found on their website. This amazing product is number one with most acne sufferers and not Proactiv. You may not have personally heard of this product, but you may have seen numerous commercials for Proactiv. Maybe they have to pay for all their celebrity spokes models. An Exposed Skin Care kit is half off at $59.95 and seems to have a better, bigger variety than Proactiv, however, Exposed Skin Care is more expensive for the time being. ESC guarantees that you will see an improvement within 30 days or your money back. So there isn’t much to lose but its great for acne treatment.

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The next one is a combined therapy of oral herbal medications along with topical medications for acne treatment. This is a three-step treatment that kills the acne causing bacteria, improves skin with the moisturizer, and stops future outbreaks from happening with the herbal medication. For two creams, one to kill the bacteria and a moisturizer, and the herbal supplement, your cost will be $59.95. It’s not a bad deal. The ingredients alone in the herbal supplement would cost over that a month. And then you get not one but two creams with it? Pretty sweet! However, that is my opinion. This is ideal for those people who want natural products.

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Clear Skin Max is number three in popularity for acne treatment it has Tea Tree Oil in it, which surprises me. A lot of people love using TTO for just about everything. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic, and an antifungal. There aren’t many uses that TTO is not good for. People of Australia have been using Tea Tree Oil for years. It can also be used as an antifungal for toenails. Clear Skin Max purpotedly contains some a significant amount of this amazing tea tree oil.

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Clear Skin Max helps with all kinds of facial types, oily, pimply, and redness. It also has a product that helps some acne scars and discoloration. If you like natural products then you should give this product a try. Check out their website for more detailed information for acne treatment.

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These are just a few of the hundreds of treatments for acne, but these are the ones worth checking out. Number ten of the list is Proactiv. It is last on the list because there are more bad reviews than good reviews. One important con for this product is that it isn’t intended for severe cases of acne.

If your acne isn’t severe but a nuisance otherwise, and you’re looking for a more natural treatment for acne, then suggestion is to use fresh lemon juice as an astringent. You won’t get as fast of a result as some of these other products claim to get, but you also won’t have a lot of the nasty side effects like redness and dryness that some say they get with these products. Plus, lemon juice is way cheaper than any of these products for acne treatment.

By samque, published at 02/21/2012
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Best Products For Acne Treatment. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.