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Symptoms Of Acne Vulgaris

Published at 02/25/2012 09:32:18


Many individuals are faced with a very large problem every day- acne vulgaris. It is otherwise known as cystic acne or vulgaris acne. This condition often refers to the teenage age group due to its common appearance in this age bracket. Vulgaris acne causes some of the most extreme cases of outbreaks which can cause unattractive scars and large skin deformities on the face as well as on the chest, armpits and back. Besides acne, vulgaris acne also causes boils to form in more discreet places. The negative social impact of vulgaris acne symptoms can cause some people, particularly those with low self-esteem, to become depressed and in some extreme cases, to commit suicide.


Vulgaris acne is the most extreme form of acne as well as the most common. It is the root of some of the most drastic self-esteem issues. Studies have been done that have proved that even a little acne causes a decrease in self-confidence, so, keeping that study in mind, think of the people who suffer from vulgaris acne. They are four times more likely to suffer from self-esteem and self-confidence issues as those with mild acne.



The cause of vulgaris acne boils down to pore blockage and having a sedentary lifestyle. Pore blockage occurs most often during the adolescent stage of life because of a few factors. The first is glands, particularly sweat glands, are overproducing different kinds of oils which can often cause the pore to be blocked off. It is the accumulation of these oils that causes the skin to be lifted up and protrude. Another factor that causes vulgaris acne is simply that some adolescents, namely males, do not take proper precautions to prevent pore blockage. (i.e. they don’t scrub their face to the degree necessary to prevent these occurrences). Vulgaris acne can, to a degree, be prevented by exercise. Exercise can help invigorate the blood allowing more oxygen to reach the cells. The cells in turn are then able to remove the excess oils and prevent them from accumulating in the pores.

Tips and comments

Although vulgaris acne can be prevented, in theory, there are some genetic barriers that are impossible to overcome. So, if the parents had vulgaris acne, the child will more than likely have it as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, if the child’s acne is genetic and not lifestyle caused, then it will also make its debut earlier in the child’s life as well as have an increase in extremity.

Dieting is among the most commonly known ways of staying, or becoming, healthy. Milk is one of the world’s favorite beverages. From India to the U.S., from Europe to Africa, no one can get enough milk, unless you are lactose intolerant. However, consuming too much milk can spell disaster for your attempts of maintaining a clean face. It has been observed that there is a correlation of milk consumption and increase of vulgaris acne. But, remain hopeful. Chocolate and salt were not seen to have any correlation with any type of acne, vulgaris or otherwise.