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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars


Acne is a serious medical condition that can leave scars on your body. Remember that acne is not just a few pimples it is a serious condition that requires professional attention. If you have acne problems you should go and check a Dermatologist right away. Getting rid of acne scars is pretty hard because it requires several procedures. There are more ways for you to get rid of acne scars.

Step 1

One of the first options your dermatologist will propose is Dermabrasion. This method requires a specialist and the procedure involves numbing your face and after removing a couple of layers of skin. Many patients say that this process feels almost like rubbing sandpaper across your face. Rubbing sandpaper across your face will not help you get rid of acne scars so you shouldn’t try this. Recovering after a procedure like this takes up to two weeks. During this time the skin will scab and after the scabs fall you will have a new fresh layer of skin. This method of getting rid of acne scars works best for people that have very light or dark skin. If you are between then you can try other methods.

Step 2

A new procedure that is good for getting rid of acne scars is Laser Resurfacing. This method is relatively new and it is very similar to the Dermabrasion method. The principle is the same some layers of skin will be removed so that new skin will grow. This method evolves a CO2 laser or a YAG laser. Using a laser to get rid of acne scars might be a good idea but this method hasn’t been tested for long term effects. This method is recommended if you have deep acne scars. The recovery period is a couple a weeks and during this time you might have to wear bandages if they are really necessary.

Step 3

If your scars are very light you can always try a chemical peel. This procedure evolves the use of acids. On your top skin layer several types of acid will be applied. You have to wait 15 minutes. In this time the acids will remove the damaged top layers of skin. After this procedure don’t be alarmed if your face swells a bit this is very common. The recovery period for this procedure can vary from a day to more than a week. This procedure will get rid of acne scars that are not very deep and it’s up to your dermatologist to choose the best treatment.

Step 4

If you have really deep scars then getting rid of acne scars like these might lead you to the Punch Technique. The procedure is similar to a hair transplant. A piece of skin will be taken from your body and placed over the removed scarred skin. Usually this method implies the use of Dermabrasion or Laser Resurfacing. This is a more complicated method to get rid of acne scars and it takes more for the body to heal, close to a month, but your face will be rid of acne scars.

Step 5

Augmentation is another method to get rid of acne scars but it involves fillers like collagen and this solution is only temporary.

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