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What Are the Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Published at 02/13/2012 12:14:27


Cancer ovarian symptoms typically affect women over the age of 50 but may be found in all other age groups. This type of cancer is found in the female reproductive system. It normally causes complications in the ovaries but may spread to other areas of the uterus if left untreated. The ovaries produce the eggs needed to reproduce. Generally, the ovaries produce one egg per month. Cancer may interfere with this reproductive process. Women who experience symptoms caused by ovarian cancer should consult their physician immediately. This may increase their survival rate tremendously. Cancer by definition is the abnormal development or growth of cells. When cells grow out of control in the ovaries, they may form cancerous tumors or growths. Cancerous cells in the ovaries begin in these organs and continue to spread into other parts of the reproductive system.


Ovarian cancer is one of the most prevalent problems in women. It can, but not in every case, lead to death. Specialists do not know the exact cause of this cancer, but some risk factors may contribute to the problem. Women who have family histories of cancer may be at risk. Also, women who have kids at a young age may be at risk. Some doctors believe that women who have many children in life may be susceptible to cancer of the ovaries. Birth control pills may influence changes in the cells located in the ovaries. However, not all women who fall into these risk factors may get cancer in the ovaries.


Ovarian cancer symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on how long the cancer has been present. Pain in the lower back, abdomen or pelvis may be the first signs of the cancer. The pain may begin in any of these areas and radiate out to other locations. Some women experience difficulty urinating or may have the urge to go more than normal. Other women with cancer symptoms may feel bloated well before they menstruate. This symptom may be something they experience more than usual during their menstruation as well. Another problem is abnormal bleeding between periods. The bleeding may last several days or more. It can disrupt the normal menstrual cycle, leaving some women uncertain as to when their normal period may come. The digestive system and its functions may be affected. A number of women with the cancer may feel nauseous or sick before, during or after meals. They may become constipated or have great difficulty having bowel movements. These symptoms may be caused by the tumors that form from the abnormal buildup of cells.

Tips and comments

Ovarian cancer can be diagnosed through blood testing, ultrasound and several other extensive methods. Doctors must rule out pregnancy, menopause and other women's health conditions before making a correct diagnosis. Urinary tract infections, digestive issues and back problems must be ruled out. All of these things can mimic cancer of the ovaries. Treatment includes removal of the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes. These treatments have been very successful in the majority of cases that doctors find in the earliest stages.


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