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How To Protect Yourself From Diseases And Health Conditions


It is rightly said "prevention is better than cure", we must therefore observe the following preventions to protect our self from diseases and health conditions. 


Prevention of deficiency diseases

  • Eat healthy and seasonal fruits and vegetables in proper quantities to develop body resistance against diseases and health conditions.
  • Proper cooking should be done. Cut vegetables should be cooked immediately, as vitamins may get oxidised. 
  • Wash vegetables before peeling and eat whole fruits as far as possible.
  • Avoid too much frying of vegetables.
  • Food should be properly stored in a refrigerator. Meat and fish should be kept in a deep freezer. 
  • Drinking water must either be boiled or properly purified with the help of a filter. It should be stored in clean containers with covers.
  • One should wash one's hands with soap before eating or handling food and also after visiting the toilet.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.

Public Hygiene

  • Proper disposal of human excreta and domestic wastes
  • Sewage and chemical wastes should not be released into the water bodies. Sewage should be chemically treated first before being released into the water bodies to avoid water-borne diseases. 

Healthy Environment

  • Maintain a healthy environment to prevent the spreading of diseases due to the breeding of mosquitoes, house flies and microorganisms.
  • Garbage should be kept in covered bins so that flies do not breed on them.
  • Do not allow water to stagnate outside your house and in your neighbourhood. All drains should be covered. This will avoid breeding of mosquitoes.
  • There should be proper sewer lines connected to sewage treatment plants.
  • Contamination of drinking water with even a little amount of faeces causes a number of diseases and health conditions




  • Immunization and vaccination can prevent infectious diseases. 

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene means taking care of our body. Our skin, hands, nails, hair, teeth, gums eye, nose and ears must be washed and cleaned to prevent infection, diseases and health conditions

Physical Exercise

To keep the body muscles active, exercise is a must. Exercise helps normal functioning of the heart and lungs and improves circulation of blood. 


One should take proper rest and sufficient sleep. A normal healthy person requires 6-8 hours of sleep daily. 

Healthy habits

One should develop healthy habits like taking food at regular hours, going to bed early - but not immediately after meals. One should not take stimulants like alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. which disturb sleep and cause other ailments.

Smoking and chewing tobacco or tobacco products increases the rick of lung cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, cough and  irritation. Even non-smokers sitting with active smokers may suffer from such diseases and health conditions. This is know as passive smokers.

Alcohol is a slow poison and may cause damage to the nervous system, blood vessels, the kidneys, the stomach and the liver. Alcohol drinking impairs judgement and reduces self-control. 

Drugs cause serious damage to the nervous system and other organs of the body. They affect the eyesight and hearing capacity and cause respiratory and heart problems. 

Tips and comments

Addiction to fast food like burger, pizza, etc. is bad for health as it causes bowel problems. Fast foods are deficient in vitamins. 

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