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What Are the Side Effects Of Cancer

Published at 03/01/2012 11:55:57


Cancer describes many types of diseases that can cause serious complications in your body. If your doctor diagnoses you with a form of cancer, you may undergo several types of treatments. Certain side effects cancer treatments may cause can hinder how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally. Your oncologist will discuss the possible side effects of the treatments he or she chooses to use in your case. Keep in mind that not all treatments may cause problems or affect your body's ability to fight.



Exhaustion is one of the side effects cancer may cause. When you have a disease, your body can wear down from fighting the condition. Unlike minor health ailments, such as a cold, cancer may drain your body of its natural resources for long periods of time. Your treatments may also influence how you feel. Radiation therapy may deplete your strength as it works to kill cancer cells. You may feel exhausted during the process. Certain medications used to treat cancer may cause you to feel tired. You may not feel like getting through your day while taking your medications.


The side effects cancer produces may include nausea. You may feel nauseous in the morning or any time of the day. This is often caused by your chemotherapy and medications.


If your stomach becomes upset, you may also feel the urge to vomit. Vomiting may occur from any treatments your doctor prescribes.

Hair Loss

The side effects cancer may increase is hair loss. If you need some type of chemotherapy, it may cause your hair follicles to become weakened. You may lose some or all of your hair. However, not every cancer or treatment causes this side effect.

Skin Damage

Depending on your cancer, you may experience skin damage from your treatments. Radiation therapy may irritate or damage skin cells around the treatment area. Your doctor takes every precaution to prevent this, including administering certain medications. Your damaged skin may improve over time or it may heal much slower than normal.

Pain and Swelling

Side effects cancer usually causes are pain and swelling. You may experience pain in the effected location or all over your body. Swelling occurs when the area retains fluid, or it may occur from treatment. You may experience swelling in the arms or legs more than anywhere else in your body.


Managing Side Effects

Managing the side effects cancer brings on may difficult. You can, however, speak with your physician about ways to cope or manage your problems. He or she may change your diet or decrease the strength of your treatments to help you. Managing the effects is something you and your doctor may discuss after treatment but it can occur during your care plan.

Tips and comments

You may want to seek emotional support from cancer support groups to help you get through the side effects cancer causes. You can also eat healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to increase your body's strength. If you have the strength to exercise, consider speaking with your doctor about a safe exercise plan or physical therapy program.


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