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Hearing you have cancer is not something that most people want to hear. Dealing with cancer advanced treatment is something that can take a lot out of the person that has the cancer. It can make you weak and very sick and you can end up with other medical issues. The treatment will also depend on what kind of cancer that you have and how well it will respond to treatment. Some cancers respond better than others and have a higher survival rate. It also comes down to how healthy you are and your age. This will help the doctors determine what your next step should be if you are having cancer advanced treatment.


Some patients might decide that they do not want any further treatment for their cancer advanced treatment and instead just want to have their pain managed. Some even get together with hospice care to discuss what will happen toward the end. These are the people that have been sick for a while, are tired of fighting, and just want their suffering to be over. If you have been fighting cancer for a while, it can take its toll on your body. If there is no cure insight, hospice might be your best option. These people have been specially trained to help counsel people and make sure that they are in their right state of mind. Just because someone has cancer does not mean they do not know what they are doing. The people at the hospice will also make sure that your spiritual needs are being met. Some people feel like this is the perfect time to get closer to who they believe in spiritually.


If you do decide to continue with treatments, the options are going to be up to you and your doctor about how your treatment should proceed. He will tell you of any latest research being done to help your cancer advanced treatments and the options that are available to you. You have the choice of either accepting them or staying on the same path that you are on know. A lot of the treatment might depend on the type of cancer you have and if traditional medicine works for you or not. Some of the cancers are becoming resistant to the treatments that are now available. If your cancer has come back more than once, there is a chance that the same treatments will not work. In this case, your doctor will discuss with you the options that you do have available. You may opt to have more surgery if the doctor thinks that it will help. An open line of communication between you and your doctor will be your best defense.

Tips and comments

Having an open communication with your doctor will help with your cancer advanced treatment.
You should know what treatment options that are available to you.
If you want to end treatment, let your doctor know.
Hospice care can be something to look into if you feel that the end is near.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/23/2012
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