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5 Common Signs Of Diseases In Africa


All diseases have certain implications that they are starting to develop in the body. Most of the time, it is already too late before one notices the severity of each disease. Each signs and symptoms are there to help health care practitioners and every individual to discern the diagnosis of a certain disease. In Africa, various infectious diseases are overshadowing each citizen. Knowledge and understanding of the underlying signs and symptoms would aid in preventing the progression of every diseases in Africa. Signs are easier to detect since it can be observe by other individuals unlike symptoms that only the person experiencing it would be able to describe it. As a general rule signs are the main focus of determining the underlying disease. The problem now is that what are the common signs of diseases in Africa that would implicate that a disease is developing? 


There are exactly 6 phases of disease development for every individual. Knowing these phases would help everyone to notify a health care provider that something is wrong in the body at an early phase. The first phase of development is the accumulation. In this phase upon exposure, certain substances such as bacteria have entered the body. General signs that manifest during this stage are fever, restlessness, bloating, allergies and nausea. The second phase is the aggravation. In this phase, the substance is already located at certain point of the body however not the specific organ they are aiming. The third phase is overflow. During the overflow phase, the substance is spreading throughout the body via the bloodstream. The fourth phase is the relocation where in the substance’s damages are confined within a specific organ. The fifth phase is the manifestation. In this phase the disease is now showing its identifiable signs and symptoms. The last stage is the maturation. The disease is now completely developed into a chronic state where in a specific treatment is required.


Diseases in Africa, like all diseases follow the 6 phases of development. Once they reach the last phase, more specified signs and symptoms manifest. The most common sign that almost all diseases have is fever. Fever is characterized by elevation of body temperature. As a general rule a body temperature above 36° is already considered as a fever. Diseases in Africa that has fever as a sign are tuberculosis, Yellow fever and African Trypanosomiasis. Another sign is jaundice. It signifies that liver damage has occurred leading to liver failure. It is characterized by yellowing of the skin. Hepatitis and Yellow fever are the diseases in Africa that leads to liver failure. Diarrhea is another sign experienced in diseases like Malaria, Cholera and Dengue Fever. It is described as a continuous bowel movement leading to death due to dehydration. Cough a sign of diseases in Africa such as Tuberculosis and Pneumonia is another condition one should observe vigilantly. If left untreated it may lead to a more severe condition. These diseases are highly contagious and may spread easily via airborne. Lastly, loss of appetite is one condition that signifies a disease in Africa.  Once loss of appetite is experienced it is recommended that physician consultation is done. 

Tips and comments

With these, certain diseases may be treated at an early phase. One is advised to notify a health care provider once these signs are experienced. At an early phase, treatment of the disease is very important to prevent the worsening of the disease and spread to other individuals. 

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