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How To Treat Spread Diseases

Published at 01/04/2012 19:46:39


 Contagious disease thrives in a congested environment that easily enables the spread of diseases from one person to the other. Spread disease refers to different communicable ailments. Focus is not on the phrase “spread disease” but on its dangerous effect the affected person(s). There are many contagious diseases in the world today. In the process of discussing the topic how to treat communicable disease, few out of the many contagious ailments will be discussed very briefly. Chicken pox, Measles, small pox, influenza, lice, Newcastle, eczema disease, etc., are some out of the many infectious ailments around. Since there are any contagious diseases, discussing them exhaustively will not be easy that is why few of them are tackled just to show an example of what they are, how they are contacted and treated. But first, what exactly is spread disease?






Spread disease is a synonym use in place of words like contagious, infectious or communicable disease. Normally, this health problem come as a result of infections from bacteria, fungi, virus and germs. It is easily transmitted or transferred from one person to the other in the air. Basically, transmittable diseases are contacted through the air space to an unaffected or normal person who after contacting the disease display the same symptoms as the original carrier. Now that you have a general understanding of what catching disease is about, next is to tackle the main topic, which is how to treat them.




Lice infection as a spread disease:


Lice is a small microscopic organism that leaves on the mammalian skin. Since most mammals possess hair on different part of their bodies; that part of their features unfortunately constitutes a huge problem to them at times because it forms a haven for parasites like lice to dwell. The little pesky animals feeds on blood and the process of doing so is what actually constitutes a problem for the host. Their feeding process causes excessive itching which leads to bruises and eventually infection if is not eliminated.


Lice as a spread disease affects another through physical contacts, sharing of personal effects like combs, towels, etc. To prevent spread of lice, measures like isolation is usually adopted. Prevention is another wise method implemented to inhibit the condition. Other treatment measures involve applying head louse lotions, nit combs and so on.


Newcastle disease:


Humans are not the only living organism with spread disease problems, lower animals like fowls and other birds too also suffer from communicable disease conditions too. Newcastle is the ailment peculiar to birds and domestic fowls. One of the ways of treating contagious disease like Newcastle is to steer clear of buying smuggled birds. Secondly, Newcastle can be treated by disinfecting and constantly maintaining a clean poultry house for the birds. Thirdly, learn the symptoms of the disease to encourage early detection.


These are many spread diseases that plagues humans and other animals like birds. While lice affects hairy part of mammals especially the head, Newcastle disease affects birds.




The method adopted in treating spread disease is personal. This means that each ailment have a peculiar method by which it is eliminated. The reason for the difference in solution application is due to their peculiar effects, symptoms, and physiological features. For better understanding here are one or two information about treating contractible disease like lice and Newcastle disease.