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How To Prevent Deadly Diseases


Every one of us at some point in life tends to be afraid to catch a deadly disease. Running from these deadly diseases is not in one’s control. There are innumerable fatal diseases out there that a person can get. A disease can either start with a dangerous germ or even with the mal-functioning of a body organ. There are a lot of ways that could give birth to a disease within a human body. People do not even know sometimes that they are carrying a deadly disease with them and end up dying even before the diagnosis of this disease. Hence, you need to be careful at all times, lest you end up acquiring a fatal illness.


An average person nowadays lives for about 76 years of age. The risk of dying before the age of 40 is quite less. However, people mostly start to get into a danger zone of getting these diseases when they reach their 40s. Almost 80% of people die with a disease in old age. In ancient times, people used to die with deadly diseases because they lacked knowledge and medicine. They did not know hundreds of ways to prevent those diseases from coming to them. Apart from this, because of a lack of available resources, the third world countries are a major victim of all kinds of deadly diseases. 


Now with technology and science, we have got to know of infinite ways to prevent these deadly diseases. If a person takes proper nutritious diet, a sound sleep, regular exercise and proper rest, many of the deadly diseases can be prevented easily. Diseases like diabetes and hypertension usually lead to heart diseases and people die due to a cardiac arrest. As a preventive measure, Sodium (salt) should not be taken excessively as it causes a number of organic diseases too. Daily exercise can prevent loads of diseases that a human body is prone to. Fruits and vegetables can even help in the prevention. Coming towards the infectious diseases, vaccination is the best prevention one can get. Syringes and other equipment that is used for one patient should be sterilized properly before using it on the next. In addition, Vitamins and Mineral tablets can be taken once a while for better health. 

Tips and comments

Prevention is always better than cure. Many people do not pay attention to their health in their early life or working years. Only when they get old age and are more prone to diseases, they realize how important their health is to them. Most of the times it’s too late. It is harder to get rid of a deadly disease in old age than to get rid of it in early years of life. So why not take steps to prevent ourselves from it? Simple steps like nutrition, food, exercise, water and rest can help you prevent from a lot of deadly diseases. God has gifted you with health and you should take care of this precious gift. Only proper care can keep your body and you in a good working condition and enjoy all the colors of life with good health.

By Amara, published at 01/03/2012
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