what are to most communicable disease?
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what are to most communicable disease?

Published at 01/05/2012 14:28:30


what are to most communicable disease?

Throughout the years, humanity has encountered various communicable diseases. Most of them were controlled in sovereign countries. However, there are still regions in the world that wasn’t able to cope up. Until today, some of these diseases are still considered a threat for most third world countries. Nonetheless, one must still be aware of the dangers it may bring. Although it is controlled in most countries, they are still contagious and chances of acquiring it are high. What are the common communicable diseases? 


Like every disease, communicable diseases follow certain phases of development. In any infectious diseases, the journey starts when microorganisms enter the human body. Portal of entry may either be an open wound in the skin, mouth and nose. Once they have entered the body, they travel to a specific organ or tissue with the aid of the circulatory system. The period of incubation follows. In this phase the pathogenic microorganism will undergo growth and reproduction leading to overgrowth. Incubation happens because pathogenic microorganisms gradually reproduce at the body’s normal temperature. When overgrowth occurs, the multiplications of these microbes are uncontrolled leading to an infection. Fever is the common medical sign that is displayed during an infection. Control of the disease is achieved when antibiotics are administered. At this point, the more and more microorganisms are killed compared to the one multiplying. As microorganisms die, the disease is being treated. 


what are to most communicable disease?

As of today, there are various common communicable diseases all over the world. Influenza also known as flu is a common infectious disease during cold season. Influenza is caused by a virus compared to Upper Respiratory Tract Infection that is caused by bacteria. They both manifest cough and colds with headache and muscle pain. The distinctive trait between the two is that Influenza has white colored sputum during cough. In treating Influenza, there is no need to take antiviral drugs since there will be no effect. Recommended treatments are bed rest, increase fluid intake and take acetaminophen for the fever and pain. Tuberculosis another communicable disease is caused by the bacterial species known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is lethal if left untreated. Common signs and symptoms are fever, cough with blood sputum and chest pain. Treatment takes at least 4 to 6 months or more for serious conditions. In dealing with TB patients, use a face mask and separate their utensils. TB is a highly contagious disease that is spread via airborne.  Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease and a communicable disease as well.  It is caused by the diplococci bacteria known as Neiserria   gonorrhoea. Medical signs and symptoms for men are burning sensation while urinating and penile discharge. For women, vaginal discharge and pelvic pain is the most common signs and symptoms. If left untreated, this disease may lead to further complications to the heart. Other common communicable diseases are Chicken pox and Mumps that are caused by virus.  

Tips and comments

The only safe way to control infectious diseases is to practice personal hygiene not only to oneself but to the environment as well. With the current pollution conquering the world, it is advised to wash all foods properly and utensils with antimicrobial agents. Lastly, boost your immune system by eating a well balance diet. To fully control the spread of communicable diseases everyone must practice all possible safety measures.