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How to have germ free household

Published at 01/17/2012 07:30:42


Is it possible to keep home or anywhere germs free especially where kids run around committing and breaking all the laws cleanliness? If you are a mother with lively kids you would have learned by now that there is no such thing as germ or dirt free home. If this is true, what is the role of germicide and other agents used in tackling these pathogens? The truth is that due to the fact that these microorganism exists virtually everywhere; the air, water, anywhere at all, it is therefore impossible to keep them at bay. While it is possible to keep it away for a while it is not possible to totally keep them away for a long time. Again for those who think that dirt attract germs, you are very wrong; dirt promotes them it does not produce it, because of how they exist they can infiltrate into anywhere, food, drink, body, anywhere at all. However, with little conscious efforts, you can control germ especially the bad ones and this is what this article is about, how to keep your home disease free; but before that you will learn why it is necessary to do so.

Why you must deal with germs

Germs are microorganisms that are responsible for the infection of various diseases like common cold, flue, bronchitis etc. There are many avenues that the organism pass to invade their host, example is the soil. The soil infectivity is the primary pathways for contamination. Soil can represent anything that is the embodiment of it; dust is a major example. So, if you want to prevent it ensure that your home is constantly free from germ. The air, food, cuts, bites and cough are another passageway in which these microbes can pass through to infiltrate your resident and the consequences are diseases like: hepatitis A and B, rabies, pneumonia, common cold, tetanus lock jaw, mumps etc. Now that you have learned what these microbes can cause, here is how to deal with them.

Make your home germ free

One of the ways to keep germ away from home is to use bleach and soap. Anytime you clean your home mix soap and bleach in water and use to sanitize the: refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, baby’s toys, freezers, door knobs, plates etc. Use the solution of bleach, soap and water to clean all hard surface in the house regularly as this prevents dust from developing and harboring germ in the home; remember soil and its byproduct is a major pathway through which diseases transmitting microbes invades your dwelling place.

Tips and comments

To clean other parts of the house like the: floors, clothes, toilet, bathroom, bathtubs, etc., use disinfectants mixed with soap in water to do the clean-up. Always vacuum the environment to keep away dirt and soil from gathering. Wash dishes immediately after use, try to prevent leaving it overnight and if you must, at-least rinse off leftovers or food particles and keep it away neatly. This will prevent germ from settling on them.Wash beddings in warm water mixed with disinfectant weekly. In summary, keeping germ away from your home simply entails maintaining high level of hygiene, which is shown through sanitizing everywhere with bleach and disinfectant regularly.