What Are The Causes Of Dieseas
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What Are The Causes Of Dieseas

Published at 01/06/2012 20:53:14


What Are The Causes Of Dieseas

In medicine, dieseas is defined as an abnormal body condition wherein the human body may or may not be able to perform his regular daily activities. This happens because as an illness progresses, the body’s normal functions starts to fail resulting weakening and sometime death. From the day an individual is created in the womb of a mother, he is already susceptible to any forms of illnesses. As they get old, more and more conditions are experienced especially when one has a low immune system. The question now is that what are the causes of dieseas? 


What Are The Causes Of Dieseas

There are several causes of dieseas. How all sickness started? Breaking down all the possible causative agents involved in every illness, the very main reason for its occurrence is the environmental condition that worsens throughout the years. These conditions happen because humans neglect to take care of the environment. How these causative agents began their existence is due to human’s actions and behaviour. The bottom line is illnesses occur and every human being is to blame. For example, communicable dieseas occurs because of microbial infection. Taking things into consideration, microbes live in polluted environments brought by improper disposal and over production of all sorts of garbage. Even non-communicable illnesses such as hypertension and gout are due to today’s lifestyle habits. The safest and easiest possible way to deal with causative agents is know them and be aware or the risk factors they provide. 


For years, human beings have suffered from different plagues, syndromes and disorders. Causative agents of different illnesses are categorized as biological, chemical, physical, social and sometimes mechanical. Biological agents are any living things that cause a dieseas. Common examples are microorganisms from different sources. Microorganisms can be grouped into four; bacteria, virus, worms, fungi and protozoa. Each of these causative agents causes communicable illnesses. Chemical agents are normally toxic substances or any synthetic products that one may encounter. Poisoning is an example of an illness caused by chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and asbestos. Hyperthyroidism is also an illness caused by excessive iodine. Common examples of physical agents are radiation, temperature, pressure and electricity. Today, several researches have proven the relationship between radiation and cancer. Most cancer patients are due to their exposure to radiation. As for mechanical causes they are primary conditions that worsen the body’s performance.

A common example for an illness caused by mechanical agent is Degenerative Disc disease. This condition happens as an individual’s gets old and loses the flexibility of the spine. Lastly, social agents are caused by different social interaction habits like smoking. Stress and anxiety are also examples of social agents. These are the several causes of illnesses that scientist have been studying for years. Some agents are still undergoing researches. As of today, there are already illnesses and causes that were identified. 

Tips and comments

Knowing the different causes of a dieseas may give you a heads up on what things each can do to prevent occurrence of an illness. Protecting the environment and taking care of it is the most efficient way to control the spread of certain illnesses. Discipline is another thing that one may practice. Above all, boost your immune system to help you protect your health. Having a healthy life means taking responsibility with one’s actions, behaviours and environment. Protect the environment as you protect yourself.