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Foods That Cause Diseases In Children


Children are a beautiful gift of God. There is nothing more painful than to see your children suffer with some disease. It kills the parents inside out every day. It is a bitter reality that there are several kinds of food that our kids have in everyday life that can cause minor to severe diseases. We might see food as it is, and let our children gobble it down without being aware of their hidden harmful aspects. As the world is progressing, so are the diseases in children due to food. Diseases due to some kinds of food are corrupting the health of children like plague. It is good to think twice before feeding your children as it can be very unhealthy. It is suggested to do proper research on food before making children take it down their throats. With the passage of time, diseases in children that are caused due to food can fade away if parents pay attention to what they feed their little ones.


Some diseases attack young ones more than adults. It can be devastating for the family. It is not gloomy anymore because the researchers have made a lot of development in controlling these diseases and have succeeded quite a lot. Apart from food, it is environment that causes diseases in children too. These diseases can be cured if they are recognized on time, only then they can be treated, otherwise there are chances for it to be harmful in future.


Diseases in children are heartbreaking. Liver disease is caused due to processed food. A diet that includes processed food can cause fatty liver disease especially in young livers. The number of adults suffering from this disease are way less compared to adults. Sometimes the symptoms of this disease are not shown in earlier life but can be dangerous later in life. Diarrheal disease is caused in children due to contaminated food and water. Every year 1.5 million children lose their precious and innocent lives due to it. Mainly children under the age of 2 are victims of diarrheal disease. It is the passage of 3 or more liquid stools that are passed in a day. Malnutrition is another cause due to which children die but it is caused due to lack of food available for children. Obesity is caused in children due to the unhealthy eating choices and lack of physical activities in children. Once a child gets over weight, a lot of hard work is required to obtain healthy weight back. Food borne illness is another kind of disease that is caused in children due to food and water that contains bacteria and viruses. There are some chemicals that are used while harvesting the crops, by eating those can cause food borne illness too. The symptoms of food borne illness are fever, vomiting, upset stomach or diarrhea.

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This article depicts that there are several things that children eat which can be harmful to their health. Some diseases in children don't show their symptoms on the surface but it can be dangerous in later life. To feed children healthy food will make their lives free of diseases and will keep a smile of their and your face as you will be internally satisfied that your child is safe.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/10/2012
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