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How To Get Compensation For Industrial Disease

Published at 12/24/2011 16:13:38

 Industrial disease is said to be a pathological condition which results from undue exposure to toxin which is discharged by a business or industry into the environment. In the workplace industrial working environments provide some of the biggest threats to an employee’s health and safety due to these dangerous conditions for working any employer is legally obliged to provide the safest possible working environment for the workers.


Also known as the duty of care these conditions should be met by the employer. But if in any case these conditions are not met that is the proper safety equipment is not provided or in case sufficient training is not provided to the workers and above this if any harm occurs to the employees then the worker or employee is eligible to get an industrial disease compensation.

The industrial injury disablement benefit is a unique concept introduced in UK and was created in order to relieve the workers from the financial hardship they face. People who have been eligible for it should have one of these conditions

The injury or disease comes from the industry

The physical ailments should be listed in the list of prescribed diseases

  two months

Industrial disease can occur in numerous ways. It may occur due to the contact of dangerous materials or due to some hazardous conditions at work. The most widespread industrial diseases are listed here

Allergic dermatitis is caused my many industrial substances

Exposure to asbestos

Colophony caused asthma

Industrial Latex causes asthma

Grains also cause asthma

Many industrial Enzymes cause asthma too


There are many personal injury legal advisors who help in getting the industrial disease compensation but a specialized one in this field is more trustworthy and helpful too. The least one can do is get some free advice from the solicitors and also the concerned personal and apply for the claims to the concerned party or employee.

Tips and comments:


If any injury or any disease occurs due to a negligence of the employer a compensation claim should be applied in order to get justice

A doctor’s report is necessary in order to validate the compensation claims

Hence if proper channels are used and a good solicitor is hired then the industrial disease compensation claims will be successful. Moreover a solicitor helps not only to gain the compensation but get the maximum benefits from the industrial disease compensation claims plan.



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