How To Protect Yourself From Parasitic Diseases
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How To Protect Yourself From Parasitic Diseases

Published at 01/08/2012 18:40:15


How To Protect Yourself From Parasitic Diseases

Parasites are persistent inhabitant of the human body. At a young age, every individual has experience the sensation of parasites lurking around the stomach, intestines, liver and other tissues of the body. Once in a while children were given synthetic drugs to force these organisms out of the body. However, it is not a complete treatment to totally restrict these organisms out. From time to time everyone even adults must do a deworming process at least every 6 months or whenever signs and symptoms manifest. There are several preventive measures one can take to lessen the risk of parasitic diseases. However, even with complete precautions, it is inevitable to restrain these organisms to invade the human body. 


How To Protect Yourself From Parasitic Diseases

Parasitic disease or infestations occurs when microorganisms like amoeba, ticks, flukes and worms finds its way inside or at the surface of the human body and starts to reproduce. These parasites extract nutrients from you.  As a common connotation for parasites, they are organisms that live through the expense of others. There are two types of parasites; organisms that grow and reproduce inside the body (endoparasites) and organism that stays within the skin (ectoparasites). There are several ways one can obtain these organisms. One way is via the food and water an individual consume. Water, poultry meats and even vegetables are the number one source of flukes, worms and amoebas.

Vectors such as flies and mosquitoes are carriers of one celled microorganisms known as protozoa. Other animals like dogs and cat may be carries of fleas, lice and ticks. Whenever these organisms find its way to the body, the usual process they do is to extract or consume human blood resulting to the weakening of the body. While most of these parasitic diseases are less harmful, there are some life threatening cases like Malaria, Chaga’s Diseases, African Trypanosomiais and Parasitic Pneumonia. 


How To Protect Yourself From Parasitic Diseases

Several precautionary methods can be applied to protect oneself from Parasitic Diseases. Personal and environmental hygiene is the number one way to limit interaction between yourself and these parasites. Some faecal matters from infected individuals contain eggs of these parasites. As much as possible don’t consume water that is near toilets, canals and swamps. Drink water that is tested and approved by water laboratories. Proper food preparation should be practice. Whenever preparing a meal always take note to cook it in a hygienic environment. Avoid eating raw meat. Whenever you are eating raw fruits and vegetables wash them thoroughly. And lastly, limit interaction with individuals, things and animals having parasitic diseases. There some diseases that can be transferred sexually like Trichomoniasis. Other than that, fleas and ticks easily pass through from one person or animal to the other. Knowing these facts would enable you to lessen the risks of contaminating yourself with such organisms. 

Tips and comments

If you are infected with such diseases, it is best to monitor signs and symptoms. Common signs and symptoms of parasitic infection are rash, fever, diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain and rectal haemorrhage. Whenever these signs and symptoms are manifested, consult a physician right away. Deworming products are not over the counter drugs. It is best to ask opinions from any health care practitioners and physicians you know. These synthetic products are dangerous if proper regimen is not followed. With that, always bear in mind that prevention is better than cure. To prevent these diseases one must try their best to protect themselves from parasitic diseases.