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Foods That Cause Rare Diseases In Dog

Published at 01/13/2012 13:40:04

Dog diseases getting common

Dog diseases are getting very common now a days and if you own a dog, you will be very concerned about what the dog eats to avoid any health complications in the dog which can even lead to death. Some time back, these diseases dog were found in very few but now they are found in every other dog. It is worth wondering whether these are caused by the food they eat or the environment they are exposed to. We can’t do anything about the environment but we can have a look at the commercial and natural dog food that can be potentially harmful for the dog.

Some rare dog diseases

There are many diseases dog that are known since many years but only a few dogs were affected by those diseases if you compared the figures of a years back. But now, these rare diseases dog are even getting common and people are alarmed to research on the dog food that can be potentially harmful. Seizure in dogs is like the most common disease happening nowadays and there are many rare diseases that cause seizures. Another common disease is tonsillitis which causes cough and vomits.

Food that causes toxicity

Commercial dog food is the most common food we give to the dogs as we don’t have to go through the list of natural food that can be given to the dogs and we just have to open the pack of dog food and give it to him. However, commercial dog food can be very harmful for the dogs as usually this food is prepared using very low quality grains and by products of the human food industry which are not fit for human consumption. these low quality grains can easily be infested by nasty insects which can cause many diseases dog  and even death.

If you choose to prepare dog food at home then make sure you don’t serve him one of these foods as these are very harmful for the dogs and can cause serious complications;

Chocolate: although your dog will happily consume a big bar of chocolate, it can poison him and kill him within 24 hours.

Alcohol: never try to serve alcoholic drinks to the dog or he will get sick in no time.

Caffeine: it is very dangerous for the dog and can poison him.

Fruits: fruit seeds and pips can be very harmful for the dog. There are some fruits which are poisonous for him like grapes, raisins and avocado.

Bones: bones raw or cooked can be harmful for the digestive system and can tear away many organs.

Raw fish: if fed regularly, raw fish can be very harmful for the dog.

Dairy products: dairy products can cause diarrhea as they have lactose which cannot be digested by the dogs.

Liver: if fed regularly, it can cause toxicity and many rare diseases dog.

What to do to avoid dog diseases

You should look for information about dog food when you feed your dog something. The best food was thought to be the commercial dog food but it is not anymore because of the low quality ingredients. You can ask your vet about the food you should feed him for the best advice.


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