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All You Need To Know About Childhood Diseases

Published at 01/13/2012 13:43:19

Some common Childhood diseases

Diseases can be fatal and devastating for anyone and every other person fears this name but when it comes to young and innocent children, it seems very unfair when they are deprived of some simply happiness in their life because of the nasty diseases that attack them. Fortunately, there has been a control in the childhood diseases because of awareness and proper preventative measures. It is important that everybody is aware of the common childhood diseases and their symptoms so they can easily diagnose these diseases childhood and can do immediate treatment.

History of childhood diseases

Childhood diseases were very common a century ago. The children mortality rate was high and a lot of children were affected by nasty diseases that killed them or caused serious defects in them. With proper measures like vaccines and proper treatment available nowadays, it is no more that common and even if children do get affected by these diseases they are easily treated in a few days. You can’t expect your child to be healthy nowadays but you can expect him to be safe from fatal diseases childhood.

The children are usually affected the most as these young innocent souls have no exposure to diseases and so, their immune system is very weak. Hence, they get easily affected by diseases childhood. However, you can prevent children from diseases by taking various initiatives to prevent diseases. Primary factor to consider is keeping your home and environment clean and giving nutritious food to children.

Some childhood diseases and their symptoms

Here is the list of diseases childhood that are very commonly found in young children but which can be easily treated:

Chicken pox: the most common disease which causes red and itchy spots all over the body with moderate fever. These are treated with calamine lotion to reduce itching and anti fever medicine. These are treated in a few days by themselves. Chicken pox gives immunity for the rest of your lives.

Whooping cough: it is characterized by long fits of coughing and even vomiting. Give fresh air to the child and feed him small meals frequently.

Fifth disease: this is characterized by red specks on the cheeks arms and buttocks. These will disappear by themselves.

Three day fever: this is characterized by a high fever that continues for three days with a red rash on the body. Give the child anti-fever medicines and make sure that he isn’t too warm.

These diseases childhood are those which get treated by themselves and you don’t have to give special medicines for them but there are also some other diseases childhood which require vaccinations and proper preventative procedures. These diseases childhood include polio, rubella, measles, hepatitis A and B and pneumonia.

How to prevent childhood diseases

There are now vaccines available for very common diseases like diarrhea and flu. If your child is getting sick regularly with flu or diarrhea, you can get him vaccinated to prevent these diseases. Treat your child with homeopathic medicine or with herbs and proper diet. Try to avoid giving hi antibiotics as it will make the child weaker.