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Foods That Cause Diseases In Nerve


Some of the most important bodily functions are performed with the aid of the nervous system. Hence, it is important to avoid all nerve diseases. The human body simply cannot keep on working in the absence of the nervous system. A healthy nervous system will ensure that your body will have an efficient and effective internal communications network. There are many things that can cause impairment to one’s nervous system. This article will focus on foods that can cause nerve diseases and will provide a list of eatables that should be avoided.


The nervous system consists of billions of cells called neurons. They transmit information that is essential for our body to work in the form of electrical signals. They are basically of three different types; sensory neurons, motor neurons and intermediate neurons. The brain is linked with the rest of the organs through a comprehensive and complex system of nerves. The sensory organs detect various types of stimuli, both internal and external. Information regarding these stimuli is then carried by the neurons to the brain. The brain analyses that information and reacts accordingly to generate orders. Consequently, these orders are transmitted back to the respective organ and the organ reacts accordingly. All of this system breaks down when nerve diseases attack one’s body.


A healthy diet is important for all parts of your body. This also includes the nervous system. Toxic substances, disease and physical trauma are the things that most commonly have a negative effect on the nervous system. Substances like heavy metals, contaminated food and venoms of certain forms are considered to be toxic. They prevent the absorption of potassium, sodium, etc. in the nerve cells. This deprives the neurons of vital nutrition and neurons are left incapable of performing their required duties. A few of the nerve problems might be out of our control, but it should be noted that prevention is the best policy here. A balanced diet that provides the body with sufficient levels of nutrition that strengthens the nerves can have many positive results. The ability of the nervous system to fight off problems is increased and also the natural process of nerve degeneration is slowed. Foods that do not include the following substances are bound to cause nerve diseases during some time of a person’s life: Vitamin B1/Thiamin, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium. As a precaution, whenever you go grocery shopping, do read the nutrition facts about that food item. Make sure that they include at least some of these and are free of all sorts of toxic stuff.

Tips and comments

Nerve diseases can affect people of all ages. More than anything, the food we consume can have a detrimental effect on our nervous system. Some nerve diseases can be very serious indeed. So by checking and making sure that your diet is free of nerve damaging food, any sort of nerve related problem can be avoided. Although it may seem a bit hard to keep track of everything you eat, but after a while this process becomes automated as you would develop a habit.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/15/2012
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